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Abingdon 1979

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Date: 15 September 1979

Made by: anonymous, Andrew Shaw, Ray Pettit, Peter A Hambelton

Updated: 30 November 2003

XX919		One Eleven 402		RAE    
ZA947		Dakota C.3	        RAE    
XL161		Victor K.2	        55 sq  
WJ637		Canberra B.2	        231 OCU
XH567		Canberra B.6	        RAE    
WF379		Varsity T.1	        RAE    
XT575		Viscount 837	        RAE    
WH953		Canberra B.6	        RAE    
XL446		Vulcan B.2	        617 sq 
XP819		Beaver AL.1	        BTF    
XX497	E	Jetstream T.1	        6 FTS  
WZ877		Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF  
G-APPC		Percival Prentice	
XW769	24	Harrier GR.1		1 sq
XZ133   A	Harrier GR.3		233 OCU
14621		OV-10A			601 TCW
XX180		Hawk T.1	        Valley 
XG172	23	Hunter F.6A	        TWU    
XE608	12	Hunter F.6A	        TWU    
XW237	CR	Puma HC.1	        33 sq  
XS713	C	Dominie T.1	        6 FTS  
77-0237		A-10A			81TFW
XW404	77	Jet Provost T.5A	1 FTS
XN981	J	Buccaneer S.2B		208 sq
XV424		Phantom FGR.2		"Alcock and Brown" special marks
"XX732"		Jaguar mock-up

Recruiting Area:
8515M		Canberra B.2		ex WH869
8616M	41	Gnat T.1		4 FTS marks, ex XP541

Flight Line:
XX552	08	Bulldog T.1		University of London Air Sq
XW280		Scout AH.1		D&TS  
XZ290	J	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XZ333	A	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XZ314	O	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XW903	A	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XW888	C	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XW885	B	Gazelle AH.1	        ARWF  
XZ251	746	Lynx HAS.2	        702 sq
XT131		Sioux AH.1	        D&TS  
ZA801	V	Gazelle HT.3	        CFS(H)
XV762	G	Harrier GR.3	        233OCU
XX766	14	Jaguar GR.1	        226OCU
WR960	60	Shackleton AEW.2	8 sq
VP958		Devon C.2		207 sq
ST-35		SF260MB			FAB/Swallows
ST-07		SF260MB			FAB/Swallows
XV675	97	Sea King HAS.2A		706 sq

Far Side:
XA536		Canberra T.19	
XX544	01	Bulldog T.1		University of London Air Sq
XX545	02	Bulldog T.1	        University of London Air Sq
XX546	03	Bulldog T.1	        University of London Air Sq
XX524	04	Bulldog T.1	        University of London Air Sq
XX547	05	Bulldog T.1	        University of London Air Sq
XX548	06	Bulldog T.1	        University of London Air Sq

XV488	R	Phantom FGR.2		228 OCU        
XT273		Buccaneer S.2A	        237 OCU        
XV228	28	Nimrod MR.1	        42 sq          
XV105		VC.10 C.1	        10 sq          
XL320		Vulcan B.2	                       
XH165		Canberra PR.9	        39 sq          
XR718	C	Lightning F.3	        LTF            
AT-156		Draken		        Royal Danish AF
A-008		Draken		        Royal Danish AF
GT-976		F-100F		        Royal Danish AF
XX250		Hawk T.1	        Valley         
XV207		Hercules C.1	        LTW            

Hangar C:
AB910		Spitfire V		on rebuild

Hangar F (Aircraft Production Squadron) (open):
XZ371	BP	Jaguar GR.1		17 sq  
XX150	CY	Jaguar GR.1	        20 sq  
XZ375	CB	Jaguar GR.1	        20 sq  
XX760	AA	Jaguar GR.1	        14 sq  
XZ109	O	Jaguar GR.1	        2 sq   
XZ116	D	Jaguar GR.1	        41 sq  
XZ395		Jaguar GR.1	        54 sq  
XX744		Jaguar GR.1	        6 sq   
XX977	DL	Jaguar GR.1	        31 sq  
XZ391	DP	Jaguar GR.1	        31 sq  
XX767	AN	Jaguar GR.1	        14 sq  
XX841	K	Jaguar T.2	        226 OCU
XX750	22	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU
XX721		Jaguar GR.1	        54 sq  
XX741		Jaguar GR.1	        54 sq  
XZ360	Y	Jaguar GR.1	        41 sq  
XX818	CC	Jaguar T.2	        20 sq  
XX723		Jaguar GR.1	        54 sq  
XX838	X	Jaguar T.2	        226 OCU

Hangar E (closed):
WT684		Hunter F.1	
XX108		Jaguar GR.1	
XX111		Jaguar GR.1	
XX112		Jaguar GR.1	
XX118		Jaguar GR.1	
XX725		Jaguar GR.1	
XX736		Jaguar GR.1	
XX738		Jaguar GR.1	
XX740		Jaguar GR.1	
XZ356		Jaguar GR.1	
XZ367		Jaguar GR.1	
XX834		Jaguar T.2	
WB586		Chipmunk T.10		6 AEF
WP901		Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF
WK589		Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF
WP905		Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF
WP914		Chipmunk T.10	        6 AEF

Unknown location:
XX526/C         Bulldog T.1    		Oxford UAS
XX528/D        	Bulldog T.1    		Oxford UAS
XX661?B       	Bulldog T.1    		Oxford UAS
XV307/307    	Hercules C.1  		LTW

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