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Waddington 2006

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Date: 1/2 July 2006

Made by: Scramble, Christian Schrik, David Moore, Kevin Wills, Tony Wood, Darren Kellett


45+67			Tornado IDS		AG51     
E49/314-LB	        Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314
E103/314-UA	        Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314
7519		        RF-4E			348 MTA	spec mks 
LX-N90446	        E-3A			NAEW&CF          
J-063			F-16AM			322sq
J-209			F-16BM			323sq
1114			M-28B-1R		30.elMW
GD-14			Saab 105Ö		FlRgt 3
61-0314/D		KC-135R			351st ARS
91-0303/LN, 91-0332/LN	F-15E			492nd FS
ZK453			Beech B200		45(R)sq               
XH135	                Canberra PR9	        39(PRU)sq	hangar
ZA704	                Chinook HC2	        7sq                   
XS739	                Dominie T1	        55(R)sq               
ZJ707/O	                Griffin HT1	        60(R)sq               
ZG502/73		Harrier GR9	        800sq                 
XX287/287	        Hawk T1A	        19(R)sq               
XX335/CR	        Hawk T1A	        100sq                 
ZH885/885	        Hercules C5	        LTW                   
XX119/EB, XZ109/EN	Jaguar GR3A	        6sq                   
XX476/CU-561		Jetstream T2	        750sq                 
ZD265/306	        Lynx HMA8DAS  	        815 HQ Flt            
ZH847/13	        Merlin HM1	        820sq                 
XV246/46	        Nimrod MR2	        51sq                  
XV248/48	        Nimrod MR2	        42(R)sq               
XW223			Puma HC1	        33sq                  
ZD626/VS		Sea King HC4	        846sq                 
ZJ692			Sentinel R1	        Raytheon              
ZH101/01		Sentry AEW1	        8/23sq	in hangar     
ZH104/04, ZH105/05	Sentry AEW1	        8/23sq                
ZH107/07		Sentry AEW1	        8/23sq                
ZA550/DD		Tornado GR4	        31sq                  
ZA557/TJ		Tornado GR4	        617sq                 
ZA564			Tornado GR4	        31sq	spec mks      
ZA609			Tornado GR4	        41(R)sq               
ZF169/169, ZF293/293	Tucano T1	        1 FTS                 
ZJ917/AE		Typhoon F2	        17(R)sq               
G-BWXH			T-67M-260	        DEFTS                 
G-BWXX	                T-67M-260	        DEFTS                 
G-BYWL	                Tutor T1	        East Midlands UAS     
D-EHJL	                FwP149D			ex Germany 90+31         
G-ASYG	                Beagle A61		ex VX927         
G-BMSB	                Spitfire TrIX	        ex MJ627   
G-BUHA	                Venture T1	        ex ZA634   
G-BVEZ	                J Provost T3A	        ex XM479   
G-BVGH	                Hunter T7	        ex XL573   
G-BVTC	                J Provost T5A	        ex XW333   
G-BVWC	                Canberra B2	        ex WK163   
G-BWGT	                Jet Provost T4	        ex XR679   
G-BWSG	                Jet Provost T5	        ex XW324   
G-BXKW	                T67M-200	        ex HKG-13  
G-BYHL	                Chipmunk T10	        ex WG308   
G-BZNW	                Isaacs Fury II	        K2048      
G-FRAT	                Falcon 20C	        FR Aviation
G-SOAF	                Strikmstr Mk90	        ex Oman 425
G-UHIH	                UH-1H			ex 72-21509              
G-UVNR	                Strikmstr Mk87		ex Botswana OJ10 
G-WINI	                Bulldog T1		ex XX546         
LY-BIG	                An-2			Air Unique               

NZ4203			P-3K			5sq                     
NZ7572/72		B757-2K2	        40sq                    
YB-02			Saab 105Ö	        FlRgt 3                 
XH131, XH134		Canberra PR9	        39(PRU)sq               
ZA712/E			Chinook HC2	        27sq	spec mks        
XW848/D, XX378		Gazelle AH1	        671sq                   
XX447, XZ338		Gazelle AH1	        671sq                   
ZD463/53		Harrier GR7	        20(R)sq                 
XX159, XX195		Hawk T1		        208(R)sq	spec mks
ZH883/883, ZH886/886	Hercules C5	        LTW                     
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	        BoBMF                   
XZ254/631		Lynx HAS3S	        702sq                   
XZ655/A			Lynx AH7	        671sq                   
ZD251/637		Lynx HAS3S	        702sq                   
ZJ136/U			Merlin HC3	        28sq                    
XW209			Puma HC1	        230sq                   
ZH102/02, ZH106/06	Sentry AEW1	        8/23sq                  
ZH103/03		Sentry AEW1	        8/23sq	spec mks        
P7350/XT-D		Spitfire IIa	        BoBMF                   
PS915			Spitfire PRIX	        BoBMF                   
ZA462/TL, ZA591/DJ	Tornado GR4	        15(R)sq                 
ZF143/143		Tucano T1	        1FTS                    
ZF144/144		Tucano T1	        1FTS	spec mks        
ZJ911/BZ		Typhoon F2	        29(R)sq                 
ZJ924/QO-H		Typhoon F2	        3sq                     
G-BYXM, G-BYXN		Tutor T1	        CFS Tutor sq            
G-FRAF, G-FRBA		Falcon 20	        FR Aviation             

Hangar 4:
XV235/35		Nimrod MR2		Kinloss MRW

Hangar 5:
-			Nimrod MR1		Kinloss MRW

XH175			Canberra PR9		nose only	hangar
XM602	                Vulcan B2	        nose only             
XM607	                Vulcan B2	        preserved             
XV497/D	                PhantomFGR2	        preserved             
ZB686	                Gazelle AH1	        cabin only            

LX-N19997		CT-49A			NAEW&CF            
ZR321			A109E		        32(TR)sq	1st
ZR323			A109E		        32(TR)sq	2nd
ZJ261/61, ZJ279/79	Squirrel HT1	        DHFS               
G-BYVE			Tutor T1	        Cambridge UAS      
G-AMPY			DC-3C		        ex KK116           

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