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Benson 1966

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Date: 17 September 1966

Made by: anonymous


G-ANSZ		Heron 1B
G-ATPB		HS125 Srs1A
H2311		Avro 504K
X4590		Spitfire 1A
PM651		Spitfire PRXIX
PS853		Spitfire PRXIX
TG621		Hasting C1A		36sq
VX275		Sedberg TX1
WB534		Devon C1
WB567		Chipmunk T10		St Andrews UAS
WE139		Canberra PR3		231 OCU
WE195/K		Canberra T4		231 OCU
WF410/E		Varsity T1		2 ANS
WH775		Canberra PR7		31sq
WJ910		Varsity T1
WJ939		Varsity T1
WJ943		Varsity T1
WK575/F		Chipmunk T10		Oxford UAS
WL626		Varsity T1
WP919		Chipmunk T10		Oxford UAS
WP984		Chipmunk T10		6 AEF
WR973/U		Shackleton MR3		206sq
WS804		Meteor NF14		RAE Bedford
WV746		Pembroke C1
XA911		Vulcan B1		Waddington Wing
XB263/A		Beverley C1		47sq
XF515		Hunter F6
XG152		Hunter F6A
XG207/C		Hunter FGA9		54sq
XG228/D		Hunter FGA9		1sq
XG273/U		Hunter FGA9		54sq
XJ568		Sea Vixen FAW1		RN
XJ586		Sea Vixen FAW1		RN
XJ642/L		Hunter FGA9		54sq
XJ644/K		Hunter FGA9		54sq
XK697		Comet C2		216sq
XK885		Pembroke C1
XL449/763	Gannet AEW3		RN 849sq
XM111/D		Beverley C1		47sq
XM178		Lightning F1A
XM182		Lightning F1A
XM189		Lightning F1A
XM215		Lightning F1A
XM490		Britannia C1		99/511sq
XM704		Gnat T1			95 CFS
XM970		Lightning T4
XM994		Lightning T4
XN815		Argosy C1		114sq
XN856		Argosy C1		114sq
XN857		Argosy C1		114sq
XP442		Argosy T2		114sq
XP502		Gnat T1
XP506		Gnat T1
XP561		Jet Provost T4		51/1 ANS
XP688		Jet Provost T4		22/CAW
XP841		HP115
XR133		Argosy C1		267sq
XR134		Argosy C1		
XR136		Argosy C1		267sq
XR139		Argosy C1		114sq
XR142		Argosy C1		114sq
XR486		Whirlwind HCC12		Queens Flt
XR499/A		Wessex HC2		72sq
XR521/C		Wessex HC2		72sq
XR668		Jet Provost T4		1 Flt
XR754		Lightning F6
XR757		Lightning F6
XR763		Lightning F6
XR764		Lightning F6
XR765		Lightning F6
XR952		Gnat T1
XR953		Gnat T1
XS578		Sea Vixen FAW2		RN 899sq
XS601		Andover C1		53sq
XS678/A		Wessex HC2		72sq
XS710		Dominie T1
XS728/E		Dominie T1		1 ANS
XF730/F		Shackleton MR3		42sq
XS734		Dominie T1
XS736		Dominie T1
XS768		Basset CC1
XS789		Andover CC2		Queens Flt
XT281		Buccaneer S2		RN 736sq
XT605/D		Wessex HC2		72sq
70547		T-33A			USAF
37801		C-130E			USAF
40858		F-4C			USAF 81TFW

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