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Cranwell 1987

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Date: 5 July 1987

Made by: Andrew Nowland


North Airfield:      
E-408 "XF979"	Hunter F51 		RAF, preserved  			outside Trenchard Hall 
G-AHGW  	Taylorcraft Plus D  				222 		also LB375              
G-ASHB          Cessna 182F  					182-54633                          
G-AVOA          Jodel DR.1050  					195                              
G-BAGB          SF-260B 		Britannia A/w 		187                       
G-BCIT          Cranfield A1 		Cranfield Institute of Technology 1
G-BGEE          Evans VP1  					PFA062-10287                        
G-CRAN          Robin R.1180TD  				269                             
G-RAFC          Robin R2112  					192                                
G-SAHI          Trago Mills SAH1  				1                             
G-SLEA          CAP 10B  					124                                    
T5493  		DH.82A 			RAFC Flying Club   
WJ637  		Canberra B2 		RAF, preserved  			outside Trenchard Hall 
XP344  		Whirlwind HAR10 	RAF, EW 		WA.360  
XV744 	D 	Harrier GR3 		RAF, 233 OCU 		712007 		on main airfield 
XW374 	38 	Jet Provost T5A 	RAF, College 		EEP/JP/1024 	on main airfield 
XX172  		Hawk T1 		RAF, 4 FTS 		312019/019 	on main airfield 
XX238  		Hawk T1 		RAF, 4 FTS 		312074/074 	on main airfield 
XX495 	C 	Jetstream T1 		RAF, 6 FTS 		280 		on main airfield 
XX693 	11 	Bulldog T1 		RAF, CFS 		BH.120/342  
XX821 	P 	Jaguar GR1 		RAF, EW 		S.70  
XZ138 	K 	Harrier GR3 		RAF, 233 OCU 		712197 		on main airfield 
XZ933 	T 	Gazelle HT3 		RAF, 2 FTS 		1735  
ZE635  		Viking T1 		RAF, Cranwell Glider Flt 33982/K-215 

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