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Fairford 1996

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Date: 20/21 July 1996

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Updated: 8 February 2003

Beriev A-40, Beriev Design Bureau
It is a bit of a shame that Fairford does not have a very large lake within its fences... The Beriev A-40 Mermaid makes a "normal" landing at the Fairford runway on this picture, but it must be a spectacular sight to see it take-off from the water! (378 rd)

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

Royal Air Force 
BAe 125 CC3                ZD621                 32(The Royal) Sqn 
Bulldog T1                 XX622/B               Yorkshire UAS 
                           XX709/E               Yorkshire UAS 
Chinook HC2                ZH777/NY              27(R) Sqn 
Dominie T1                 XS726/T               3 FTS 
Harrier GR7                ZD322/03              1 Sqn 
                           ZG472/O               AWC/SAOEU 
Harrier T10                ZH662/R               HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
Hawk T1                    XX236/PK              4 FTS/19(R) Sqn 
Hawk T1A                   XX195/CA              100 Sqn 
                           XX247/CM              100 Sqn 
Hercules C1                XV300                 LTW 
Jaguar GR1A                XZ385                 6 Sqn 
Jaguar GR1A (replica)      XZ363/A               EP&TU 
Jetstream T1               XX493/L               3 FTS/45(R) Sqn 
Nimrod MR2                 XV231                 206 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
                           XV232                 201 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
Puma HC1                   XW234                 230 Sqn 
Tornado F3                 ZG795/CB              5 Sqn 
                           ZE201                 11 Sqn 
                           ZE934/DX              11 Sqn 
                           ZE735/AL              F3 OCU/56(R) Sqn 
                           ZE794/HQ              111 Sqn 
Tornado GR1                ZG752/XIII            13 Sqn 
Tornado GR1A               ZG729/M               13 Sqn 
                           ZG706/E               AWC/SAOEU 
Tornado GR1 (replica)      ZA368/AJ-P            EP&TU 
TriStar KC1                ZD952                 216 Sqn 
Tucano T1                  ZF162                 1 FTS 
VC10 C1K                   XV109                 10 Sqn 
VC10 K2                    ZA143/D               101 Sqn 
Vigilant T1                ZH191                 612 VGS 
Wessex HC2                 XR505/WA              2 FTS 
                           XV724                 SARTU 

Royal Navy 
Lynx HAS3S                 XZ698/303             815 NAS 
Sea Harrier FA2            ZD607/123             800 NAS 
Sea King HAR5              ZA167/CU-825          771 NAS 
Sea King HAS6              XV665/505             810 NAS 
Sea King HC4               ZD480/E               845 NAS 

Army Air Corps 
Gazelle AH1                XX405/C1              670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Lynx AH7                   XZ193/I               671 Sqn 

Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) 
Basset CC1                 XS743                 ETPS 
Canberra B(TT)2            WK128                 DTEO Llanbedr 
Eurofighter 2000 (replica) -                     BAe 
Gazelle HT2                XZ936                 ETPS 
Harvard IIB                KF183                 DTEO A&EC/FWTS 
Hawk T1 ASTRA              XX341                 ETPS 
Hawk 200 (replica)         -                     BAe 
Hunter FGA9                XE601                 DTEO A&EC/FWTS 
Hunter T7                  XL564                 ETPS 
Jaguar T2                  XX145                 ETPS 
JAS39 Gripen (replica)     -                     BAe 
Lynx 7                     ZD560                 ETPS 

Brazilian Air Force 
C-130H Hercules            2465                  1 GTT/2 Esq 

Canadian Armed Forces 
CC-150 Polaris             15005/204             437 Sqn/8 Wg 
CP-140 Aurora              140113                405 Sqn/14 Wg 

Czech Air Force 
Antonov An-24RV Coke       5803                  61.dlt/6.zDL 
Let L-410UVP-E9 Turbolet   2601                  61.dlt/6.zDL 
MiG-21MF Fishbed           7711 (7711)           LZO 
Mil Mi-24DU Hind           6050 (7306050)        331.vrlt/33.zVL 

Royal Danish Air Force 
F-16A Fighting Falcon      E-607                 Esk 723 
F-16B Fighting Falcon      ET-199                Esk 726 
Gulfstream III             F-313                 Esk 721 
SAAB T-17 Supporter        T-409                 FLSK 
                           T-426                 FLSK 
Sikorsky S-61A             U-275                 Esk 722 

Royal Danish Army 
SA550C-2 Fennec            P-276                 P-HK 
                           P-275                 P-HK 
                           P-369                 P-HK 
                           P-319                 P-HK 

Royal Danish Navy 
Lynx Mk90                  S-256                 Esk 722 
 [Sea Search Concours d'Elegance - Highly Commended, Rotary Wing] 

French Army Light Aviation 
AS532UL Cougar/Super Puma  2325/AIA              4 RHCM/EHM-3 
Cessna F406 Caravan II     0008/ABM              3 GHL 
SA330B Puma                1036/ARB              4 RHCM/EHM-2 
SA342L1 Gazelle            4211/CYU              1 RHC/EHAP-2 
SOCATA TBM700              100/ABP               3 GHL 

French Navy 
Falcon 10(MER)             143                   57S 
SA321G Super Frelon        162                   32F 

German Air Force 
Alpha Jet A                41+56                 FLG FFB 
F-4F Phantom II            38+04                 JG-71 
MiG-29A Fulcrum            29+11 (25128)         JG-73 
Tornado IDS                46+04                 JBG-38 
Transall C-160D            50+52                 LTG-62 

German Army 
MBB Bo105P                 87+00                 HFR-26 
                           87+98                 HFR-26 
                           87+02                 HFR-26 
Sikorsky CH-53G            84+87                 HFR-15 

German Navy 
Br1150 Atlantic            61+16                 MFG-3 
Sea King Mk41              89+66                 MFG-5 
Tornado IDS                45+53                 MFG-2 

Irish Air Corps 
Airtech CN235MPA Persuader 252/7                 Maritime Sqn 

Israeli Air Force 
KC-130H Hercules           545                   103 Sqn 
 [Sea Search Concours d'Elegance - Special Mention] 

Italian Air Force 
AS-61R Pelican             MM81349/15-37         15 Stormo/83 Centro SAR 
Br1150 Atlantic            MM40123/30-10         30 Stormo/86 Gruppo 
F-104S/ASA Starfighter     MM6704/5-44           5 Stormo/23 Gruppo 
                           MM6920/5-35           5 Stormo/23 Gruppo 

Royal Jordanian Air Force 
C-130H Hercules            347                   3 Sqn 

Royal Netherlands Air Force 
Agusta-Bell AB412SP        R-01                  SAR Vlucht 
Alouette III               A-350                 302 Sqn 
C-130H-30 Hercules         G-273                 334 Sqn 
F-16A(R) Fighting Falcon   J-633                 306 Sqn 
F-16B Fighting Falcon      J-066                 311 Sqn 
                           J-655                 323 Sqn 
                           J-209                 322 Sqn 
Fokker 60U                 U-04                  334 Sqn 
McDonnell Douglas KDC-10   T-264                 334 Sqn 
MBB Bo105CB                B-68                  299 Sqn 

North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
Boeing 707-329C            LX-N20198             NAEWF 
E-3A Sentry                LX-N90449             NAEWF 

Royal Norwegian Air Force 
F-5B Freedom Fighter       136                   336 Skv 
                           243                   336 Skv 
P-3N Orion                 154576/4576           333 Skv 

Royal Air Force of Oman 
C-130H Hercules            502                   4 Sqn 

Portuguese Air Force 
SA330C Puma                19504                 751 Esq 

Russian Air Force 
Antonov An-72A Coaler      RA-72972              VVS Transport Aviation 

Russian Navy 
Ilyushin Il-38 May         22 red (11006)        Ostrov Training Regt 

Slovak Air Force 
Antonov An-12BP Cub        2209 (2209)           32 ZmDK/1 Letka 
MiG-29UB Fulcrum           1303 (N50903028113)   31 SLK/1 Letka 

South African Air Force 
C-130B Hercules            401                   28 Sqn 
 [Sea Search Concours d'Elegance - overall winner] 

Spanish Air Force 
Airtech CN235M-100         T19B-12/35-30         Ala 35/352 Esc 
F-27M-400MPA Friendship    D2-01/802-10          802 Esc 
RF-4C Phantom II           CR12-55/12-64         Ala 12/123 Esc 

Swedish Air Force 
AJSH 37 Viggen             37908/81              2/F15 
AS332M-1/Hkp10 Super Puma  10412/89              F15/Hkpgrp 
C-130E/Tp84 Hercules       84001/841             F7 

Swedish Army 
MBB Bo105CB/Hkp9           09218/18              2/AF1 
Agusta-Bell AB412HP/Hkp11  11333/33              3/AF1 

Ukrainian Air Force 
Ilyushin Il-76MD Candid    UR-78820 
Sukhoi Su-27A Flanker      48 (36911014401)      831 IBAP 

United States Air Force 
A-10A Thunderbolt II       81-0952/SP            52 FW/81 FS 
                           82-0650/SP            52 FW/81 FS 
AC-130U Hercules           90-0166               16 SOW/4 SOS 
B-1B Lancer                86-0111/EL            28 BW/37 BS 
B-52H Stratofortress       60-0017/LA            2 BW/11 BS 
                           60-0035/LA            2 BW/11 BS 
C-5B Galaxy                87-0027               436 AW/3 AS 
C-17A Globemaster III      94-0067               437 AW/17 AS 
C-21A Learjet              84-0085               86 AW/76 AS 
                           84-0068               7005 ABS/HQ USEUCOM 
C-130E Hercules            64-18240/RS           86 AW/37 AS 
C-130H Hercules            90-1792/OH            179 AW/164 AS, OH ANG 
                           85-0039/MX            908 AG/357 AS, AFRes 
                           93-7312/CR            302 AW/731 AS, AFRes 
C-141B Starlifter          65-0245               452 AMW/730 AS, AFRes 
                           67-0029               164 AW/155 AS, TN ANG 
EC-130E Hercules           63-7828               193 SOW/193 SOS, PA ANG 
F-15C Eagle                86-0167/LN            48 FW/493 FS 
                           86-0175/LN            48 FW/493 FS 
F-16C Fighting Falcon      88-0526/AV            31 FW/555 FS 
                           89-2039/AV            31 FW/555 FS 
                           92-3918/SP            52 FW/23 FS 
F-16D Fighting Falcon      91-0474/SP            52 FW/23 FS 
HC-130N Hercules           88-2102               106 RQW/102 RQS, NY ANG 
HH-60G Pavehawk            89-26206/IS           85 Wg/56 RQS 
KC-10A Extender            85-0034               305 AMW/2 ARS 
KC-135E Stratotanker       57-1479               452 AMW/336 ARS, AFRes 
                           59-1479               171 ARW/146 ARS, PA ANG 
KC-135R Stratotanker       63-8023/D             100 ARW/351 ARS 
                           60-0367               121 ARW/166 ARS, OH ANG 
                           64-14839              107 ARG/136 ARS, NY ANG 
                           61-0272               434 ARW/72 ARS, AFRes 
MC-130H Hercules           87-0023               352 SOG/7 SOS 
RC-135U                    64-14847/OF           55 Wg/38 RS 

United States Army 
AH-64A Apache              86-8950               6-6 Cav Regt 

United States Marine Corps 
KC-130F Hercules           149803/GR             VMGRT-253 
KC-130R Hercules           160015/QB             VMGR-352 

United States Navy 
P-3C Orion                 158916/LL-30          VP-30 
                           160612/LY             VP-92 
UC-12M Super King Air      163840/8G             NAF Mildenhall 

Beriev A-40 Mermaid        378 red               Beriev Design Bureau 
BN-2A-26 Islander          G-BCEN                Atlantic Air Transport/HM 
Coastguard [Sat only] 
C-47B Dakota               G-AMYJ                Air Atlantique MPCU 
Canberra TT18              WJ680/CT (G-BURM)     Mitchell Aircraft Ltd 
CASA C212 Aviocar          SE-IVF/585            Swedish Coastguard 
 [Sea Search Concours d'Elegance - Highly Commended, Fixed Wing] 
Cessna 340A                HB-LPK                Bruno Stocker 
Cessna 404                 G-TASK                Air Atlantique MPCU 
Dornier 228-200            G-OMAF                FR Aviation 
Micro Aviation B22S Bantam ZK-TII                Aviation Quality Svcs 
Mignet HM1000 Balerit      G-MYDZ                Fleaplanes UK Ltd 
PA-23 Apache 160           G-BEXO                G R Manley 
PA-28 Cherokee 140         G-FIAT                RAFBF Enterprises 
PA-28-236 Dakota           G-FRGN                Fregon Aviation Ltd 
Whirlwind HAR10            XJ729 (G-BVGE)        Austen Associates 

Hot-air balloons, inflated on both show days (South side): 
Cameron A-120              G-VIKY                David Pennell 
Cameron N-31               G-BVFB                Bath City Council 
Cameron N-77               G-MITS                Mitsubishi Motors 
Cameron N-90               G-STRM                Royal Mail Streamline 
                           G-DRYS                J Barbour & Sons Ltd 
                           G-BTFU                Wickers World/Maltesers 
                           G-SRVO                Servo Connectors 
Cameron N-105              G-BWSU 
                           G-NPNP                Air 2 Air/National Power 
Cameron O-77               G-BSEV                UK Transplant Co-ordinators Assoc 
Cameron 0-90               G-BSSO                R & J Hatton 
Cameron O-105              G-BWEW                Flying Pictures/Unipart 
Cameron Fire 90 SS         G-BVYJ                Chubb Fire Ltd 
Cameron Hopper Servo 30 SS G-OSVO                Servo Connectors 
Cameron Mug 90 SS          G-RMUG                Nestle 
Cameron Pylon 80 SS        G-PYLN                Air 2 Air/National Power 
Cameron TV-80 SS           G-SEUK                Flying Pictures/Samsung 
Cameron V-77               G-BTIX                S A Simington 
Colt 77A                   G-SGAS                Shell Gas South West 
                           G-BTVH                D & L Close 
Colt 90A                   G-JNNB                Justerini & Brooks Ltd 
Colt Flying Bottle SS      G-JANB                Justerini & Brooks Ltd 
Colt Flying Drinks Can SS  G-BVIO                Flying Pictures/Budweiser 
Lindstrand LBL-90A         G-BVZT                Bowyer's Pork Farms 
Lindstrand LBL-105A        G-BWRZ                Flying Pictures/Rover 
Sky 120-24                 G-BWPF                Computer Aid Services 
Ultramagic M-77            G-DWPH                Ultramagic UK 

Royal Air Force 
Dakota C3                  ZA947/YS-DM           Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 
Harrier GR1                XV279 (8566M)         RAF Wittering [Hangar 1200] 
Harrier GR7                ZD461/51              HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                           ZD463                 HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                           ZD345/12              HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                          ZD404/33              HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                           ZG471/61              1 Sqn 
                           ZD465/55              1 Sqn 
                           ZD462/52              1 Sqn 
                           ZD470/60              1 Sqn 
                           ZD376/24              3 Sqn 
                           ZG512/83              4 Sqn 
                           ZG858/90              4 Sqn 
Harrier T10                ZH660/P               HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                           ZH665/S               HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                           ZH657/XX              HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
Hawk T1                    XX235                 4 FTS/74(R) Sqn 
                           XX244                 4 FTS/74(R) Sqn 
Hercules C1                XV292                 LTW 
                           XV210                 LTW 
                           XV297 *#              LTW [Falcons support] 
Hurricane IIC              PZ865/J               Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 
Jaguar GR1A                XZ108/A               16(R) Sqn 
Lancaster BI               PA474/WS-J            Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 
Spitfire FIIA              P7350/YT-F            Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 
Tornado GR1                ZA321/B-58            TTTE/S Sqn 
Wessex HC2                 XR508/B               60 Sqn 

Royal Navy 
Sea Harrier FA2            ZH798/122             800 NAS 

Army Air Corps 
Gazelle AH1                XW897/Z               670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                           ZA777/B               670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                           XZ317/R               670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                           XX385/X               670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Lynx AH7                   XZ175/Z               671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                           XZ641/G               671 Sqn Blue Eagles 

Czech Air Force 
MiG-21UM Mongol            3756 (516937056)      LZO Stress Team 
Mil Mi-24V Hind            0702 (730702)         331.vrlt/33.zVL Skupina Mi-24 
                           0703 (730703)         331.vrlt/33.zVL Skupina Mi-24 
                           0710 (730710)         331.vrlt/33.zVL Skupina Mi-24 

French Air Force 
Alpha Jet E                E141/1 (F-TERA)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E89/2 (F-TERE)        La Patrouille de France 
                           E140/3 (F-TERD)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E104/4 (F-TERB)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E173/5 (F-TERP)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E105/6 (F-TERF)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E97/7 (F-TERL)        La Patrouille de France 
                           E37/8 (F-TERI)        La Patrouille de France 
                           E106/9 (F-TERJ)       La Patrouille de France 
                           E23/0 (F-TERO)        La Patrouille de France 
Jaguar E                   E37/7-PQ              EC 02.007 
                           E21/7-PM              EC 02.007 
                           E19/7-PN              EC 02.007 
 [Pilots, Lt Praud and Lt Boutron - winners of Lockheed Martin Cannestra Trophy for Best
Display by an Overseas Participant] 
Transall C-160R            R13 (F-RAMH)          ET 01.061 

German Air Force 
F-4F Phantom II            37+78                 JG-71 
Tornado IDS                44+92                 JBG-38 
                           43+25/G-75            TTTE/A Sqn 

German Navy 
Tornado IDS                45+59                 MFG-2 

Italian Air Force 
Aeritalia G222             MM62121/46-86         RSV/311 Gruppo (on loan) 

Royal Malaysian Air Force 
C-130H-MP Hercules         M30-07                4 Sqn 

Royal Netherlands Air Force 
F-16A Fighting Falcon      J-508                 306 & 311 Sqns 
                           J-511                 306 Sqn 
F-27-100 Friendship        C-2                   334 Sqn 
Pilatus PC-7 Turbotrainer  L-03                  EMVO 
                           L-07                  EMVO 

Royal Netherlands Navy 
P-3C-II Orion              305                   321 Sqn/MARPAT 
SH-14D Lynx                282                   860 Sqn 

Slovak Air Force 
MiG-29A Fulcrum            6829 (36068)          31 SLK/1 Letka 

Swedish Air Force 
SAAB 105/Sk60              60033/1               F5 Team 60 
                           60096/2               F5 Team 60 
                           60061/3               F5 Team 60 
                           60125/4               F5 Team 60 
                           60098/5               F5 Team 60 
                           60139/6               F5 Team 60 
                           60062/7               F5 Team 60 
 [Winners of Sir Douglas Bader Trophy for Best Overall Flying Demonstration] 
                           60117/117             F5 

Swiss Air Force 
F-5E Tiger II              J-3081                Patrouille Suisse 	also logged as J-3080
                           J-3090                Patrouille Suisse 
                           J-3083                Patrouille Suisse 
                           J-3084                Patrouille Suisse 
                           J-3085                Patrouille Suisse 
                           J-3087                Patrouille Suisse 
                           J-3091                Patrouille Suisse 

Turkish Air Force 
NF-5A Freedom Fighter      3051/1                Turkish Stars 
                           3039/2                Turkish Stars 
                           3015/3                Turkish Stars 
                           3022/4                Turkish Stars 
                           3066/5                Turkish Stars 
                           3036/6                Turkish Stars 
                           3027/7                Turkish Stars 
                           3055/8                Turkish Stars 
NF-5B Freedom Fighter      4005/0                Turkish Stars 

Ukrainian Air Force 
Sukhoi Su-27A Flanker      57 (36911031411)      831 IBAP 
 [Pilot, Col Nikolai Koval - winner of Superkings Trophy for Best Solo Jet Demonstration] 

United States Air Force 
B-1B Lancer                85-0084/EL            28 BW/37 BS 

AS355F-1 Twin Squirrel     G-PASE                Police Aviation Services 
Extra EA300                G-HIII                Firebird Aerobatics Rover Team 
                           G-SIII                Firebird Aerobatics Rover Team 
 [Winners of Steedman Display Sword for Best Display by a UK Participant] 
                           JY-RNA                Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                           JY-RND                Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                           JY-RNE                Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                           JY-RNF                Royal Jordanian Falcons 
Jet Provost T5             G-VIVM                Transair Display Team 
Jet Provost T5A            G-BWEB                Transair Display Team 
MBB Bo105DBS/4             G-PASG                Police Aviation Services 
Spitfire LFIXB             MH434/ZD-B (G-ASJV)   Old Flying Machine Co 
Vickers FB27A Vimy IV (replica)                  G-EAOU (NX71MY)     Green Co (UK) Ltd 
WSK-PZL Antonov An-2R Colt HA-MEP                AeroSuperBatics Ltd 

Flying only: 
Royal Air Force 
Hawk T1/T1A                XX233                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX237                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX307                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX227                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX252                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX253                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX260                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX266                 RAF Red Arrows 
                           XX306                 RAF Red Arrows 
Hercules C1                XV297 *#              RAF LTW [Falcons support] 
Nimrod MR2                 XV229 *               RAF 206 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
                           XV227 **              RAF 120 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 

Royal Navy 
Swordfish II               LS326/L2 *            RN Historic Flight 
                           W5856/A2A             RN Historic Flight 

Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive) 
Comet 4C                   XS235                 MoD(PE) DTEO A&EC/HATS 

DH100 Vampire FB6          109 (G-BVPO)          RJAF Historic Flt/RV Aviation 
DH115 Vampire T55          209 (G-BVLM) **       RJAF Historic Flt/RV Aviation 
Hunter F6A                 843/H (G-BWAF)        RJAF Historic Flt/RV Aviation 
Hunter T7                  800/F (G-BOOM) **     RJAF Historic Flt/RV Aviation 
Super Stearman A75N-1      N707TJ                Cadbury's Crunchie Flying Circus 
Super Stearman PT-13D      N5057V                Cadbury's Crunchie Flying Circus 

Additional visiting, support and charter aircraft (17-22 July): 
Wednesday 17th July 
Comet 4C                   XS235                 MoD(PE) DTEO A&EC/HATS 
Gazelle AH1                XX405/C1              AAC 670 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Hawk T1A                   XX335/CD              RAF 100 Sqn 
Transall C-160D            028/12-028            Turkish AF 12 HUAUS/221 Filo 
                           032/12-032            Turkish AF 12 HUAUS/221 Filo 

Thursday 18th July 
BAe 125 CC3                ZD620                 RAF 32(The Royal) Sqn 
Beech Super King Air 350   HB-GII                Swiss AF VIP Flight 
Chipmunk T10               WP962/C               RAF Chipmunks Around The World 
                           WP833/H               RAF Chipmunks Around The World 
Comet 4C                   XS235                 MoD(PE) DTEO A&EC/HATS 
Extra EA300                G-SIII                Firebird Aerobatics 
Harrier T10                ZH663/Q               RAF HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
Hawk T1                    XX235                 RAF 4 FTS/74(R) Sqn 
Hercules C1                XV210                 RAF LTW 
                           XV292                 RAF LTW 
                           XV293                 RAF LTW 
Jet Provost T4 (composite) fuselage XS180 (8238M)     BDRT [for ES exercise] 
Learjet 35A                T-781                 Swiss AF VIP Flight 
Lynx AH7                   XZ175/Z               AAC 671 Sqn Blue Eagles 

Friday 19th July 
BAC 1-11/479FU             ZE432                 MoD(PE) ETPS 
Cessna 550 Citation II     G-BFRM                Marshall Aerospace 
Hawk T1A                   XX331/CK              RAF 100 Sqn/JFACSTU 
Learjet 35A                T-781                 Swiss AF VIP Flight 
Let L-410UVP Turbolet      53+11 (800526)        German AF FBS/3 
PA-23 Aztec 250E           G-BATN                Marshall Aerospace 
Tp102 Gulfstream IV        102001/021            Swedish AF F16 
Twin Squirrel HCC1         ZJ140                 RAF 32(The Royal) Sqn 
Yakovlev Yak-52            31 (RA-9111311)       Peter Scandrett 

Saturday 20th July 
BAe 125 CC3                ZE395                 RAF 32(The Royal) Sqn 
Beech 200 Super King Air   N7775                 Total Shure 
C-47A Dakota 3             G-DAKK                South Coast Airways 
C-47B Dakota 4             G-AMPZ                Air Atlantique 
Cessna 210M Centurion II   G-BVZM                Zone Travel Ltd 
Cessna 441 Conquest II     G-FRAX                FR Aviation 
Cessna 550 Citation II     G-BFRM                Marshall Aerospace 
Concorde 102               G-BOAB                British Airways 
DH84 Dragon                EI-ABI                Aer Lingus 
Douglas DC-4               ZS-NUR/PH-DDS         Dutch Dakota Association 
Fairchild SA227AC Metro III                      G-BUKA              Atlantic Airways 
Gazelle HT3                ZB627/A               RAF 2 FTS 
Hercules C3                XV190                 RAF LTW 
PA-23 Aztec 250E           G-BATN                Marshall Aerospace 
PA-28-151 Warrior          G-CPTM                T Mackay & C Pollett 
PA-32 Cherokee Six 300     G-BKEK                S W Turley 
SAAB 340B                  PH-KSM                KLM CityHopper 
Shorts 360-100             G-OJSY                BAC Express 
                           G-ZAPG                Titan Airways 
Sikorsky S-76B             G-BTLA                Falcon of Friendship 
SOCATA TBM700              95/65-XH              French AF ETEC 02.065 
UH-60A Blackhawk           95-26641              US Army 6-6 Cav Regt 
Yakovlev Yak-52            31 (RA-9111311)       Peter Scandrett 

Sunday 21 July 
AS355F-1 Twin Squirrel     G-OILX                McAlpine Helicopters 
BAe 146 CC2                ZE702                 RAF 32(The Royal) Sqn 
C-47A Dakota 3             G-DAKK                South Coast Airways 
C-47B Dakota 4             G-AMPZ                Air Atlantique 
Cessna 441 Conquest II     G-FRAX                FR Aviation 
Chipmunk T10               WP833/H               RAF Chipmunks Around The World 
                           WP962/C               RAF Chipmunks Around The World 
Fairchild SA227AC Metro III                      G-BUKA              Atlantic Airways 
Gazelle HT3                ZB627/A               RAF 2 FTS 
Hercules C3                XV190                 RAF LTW 
Jetstream T1               XX492/A               RAF 3 FTS/45(R) Sqn [support for Chipmunks] 
PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser G-BCGI                A Dodd 
PA-28-161 Warrior II       G-WARR                RAF Halton Aeroplane Club 
PA-32 Cherokee Six 300     G-BKEK                S W Turley 
Shorts 360-100             G-ZAPG                Titan Airways 
Sikorsky S-76A-II Plus     G-BJGX                Bristow Helicopters 
Sikorsky S-76B             G-BTLA                Falcon of Friendship 

Monday 22 July 
BAC 1-11/479FU             ZE432                 MoD(PE) ETPS 
Beech Super King Air 350   HB-GII                Swiss AF VIP Flight 
Learjet 35A                T-781                 Swiss AF VIP Flight 
Sikorsky CH-53G            84+28                 German Army HFR-35 
Transall C-160D            035/12-035            Turkish AF 12 HUAUS/221 Filo 
                           033/12-033            Turkish AF 12 HUAUS/221 Filo 

*  -  Present on Saturday 20th July only 
** -  Present on Sunday 21st July only 
*# -  Landed on Sunday only 

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