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Coningsby 1996

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Date: 14 August 1996

Made by:


ZG478   68          HARRIER GR7 
ZG861   93          HARRIER GR7 
ZG480   70          HARRIER GR7 
XZ369   EF          JAGUAR GR1A 
XX846   GV          JAGUAR  T2A 
XX654   3           BULLDOG T1 
XX498   F           JETSTREAM  T1 
G-BWXC              FIREFLY T67 
ZD709   DG          TORNADO GR1 
ZA600   TH          TORNADO GR1 
ZG707   B           TORNADO GR1 
ZG710   D           TORNADO GR1 
XX290   DV          HAWK T1 
ZE295   AV          TORNADO F3 
ZE812               TORNADO F3 
ZE288   BH          TORNADO F3 
ZE154   GI          TORNADO F3 
ZE290   AD          TORNADO F3 
ZE732               TORNADO F3 
ZH552               TORNADO F3 
ZG795   CB          TORNADO F3 
ZG755   BJ          TORNADO F3 
ZG776   CG          TORNADO F3 
44+88               TORNADO                GAF 
43+79   G-76        TORNADO                TTTE 
J-142               F-16A                  RNLAF 
J-620               F-16A                  RNLAF 
MM6916  53-02       F-104S-ASA             AMI 
MM6822  53-11       F-104S-ASA             AMI 
81-0951 SP          A-10A                  USAF 
81-0952 SP          OA-10A                 USAF 
XS738   U           DOMINIE 
XV426               PHANTOM FGR2           BDRT/DECOY 
XV497               PHANTOM FGR2           BDRT/DECOY 
XV460               PHANTOM FGR2           BDRT/DECOY 
XT905   P           PHANTOM FGR2           BDRT/DECOY 
ZE354   R           F-4J(UK)               BDRT/DECOY 
XV865               BUCCANEER S2B          BDRT/DECOY 

WG486               CHIPMUNK  T10 
WK518               CHIPMUNK  T10 
ZA947               DAKOTA C3 
PA474               LANCASTER B1 
AB910               SPITFIRE 
P7350               SPITFIRE 
VP981               DEVON C2 
PZ865               HURRICANE 

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