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Farnborough 1978

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Date: 9 September 1978

Made by:

Updated: 22 September 1999

FMA Pucara                     A-19              (FA Argentina) 
Mirage F.1C                    5/F-ZJTK 
Mirage F.1C                    10/F-ZJTJ 
Transall C-160F                F49/61-MO 
Alpha Jet                      98+33 
Do28D                          58+37 
Alpha Jet E                    E2/118-BQ 
A.109A                         MM81014/EI-855 
AB.212ASW                      MM80954/7-23 
MB.326K                        MM54391 
MB.339                         MM589/I-NINE 
MB.339                         MM54401/I-NEUF 
G.222TCM                       MM62112 
G.222TCM                       MM62114 
C101 Aviojet                   EC-ZDF/XE.25-01 
C101 Aviojet                   EC-ZDI/XE.25-04 
Gazelle AH.1                   XZ329 
Gazelle AH.1                   XZ340              c/n 1691 
Harrier GR.1                   XV789/F 
Harrier T.52                   ZA250/G-VTOL 
Hawk 50                        G-HAWK 
Hawk T.1                       XX156 
Hawk T.1                       XX162              c/n 41H/312009 
Hawk T.1                       XX164 
Hawk T.1                       XX174 
Hawk T.1                       XX205/120 
Hurricane IIc                  LF363/LE-D 
Jaguar GR.1                    XX108 
Jaguar GR.1                    XX766/14 
Jet Provost T.5A               XW322 
Lynx AH.1                      XZ179 
Lynx HAS.2                     XZ248 
Sea Fury FB.11                 TF956/T123 
Sea Harrier FRS.1              XZ450 
Sea King HAR.3                 XZ586 
Spitfire IIa                   P7350/QV-B 
Tornado IDS                    XX947 
Wessex HAS.1                   XM330 
Wessex HC.2                    XR511/AL 
Wessex HC.2                    XR517/AN 
Wessex HC.2                    XS675 
Wessex HC.2                    XT601/AH 
Wessex HC.2                    XV719/AA 
Wessex HC.2                    XV723              c/n WA.0618 
Wessex HU.5                    XS241 
A-10A                          77-0192 
CH-47C                         76-22684 

And the Red Arrows with the following Gnat T1s: 

AS.350                         G-BFNC 
AS.350                         F-GBBQ 
SA.365                         F-WXFG 
A.109A                         I-CVMD 
A.109A                         I-DCVM 
A300B2                         F-WUAD 
Albatros D.V rep               -/D-EGKO 
An-2                           SP-DNP 
One Eleven 670                 G-ASYD 
JetRanger                      G-AWJW 
JetRanger                      N50005 
LongRanger                     N5005K 
BN-2A                          G-BCMY 
BN-2A                          G-BEGL 
BN-2A                          G-BESG 
BN-2A                          G-FANS 
BN-2A-III                      G-BEDR 
C212 Aviocar                   ECT-103 
C212 Aviocar                   ECT-104 
Cranfield A-1                  G-BCIT 
Falcon 20F                     F-GBMD 
DH.2 rep                       ????/G-BFVH 
DHC-5D                         C-GQUT 
DHC-6-310                      C-GDHA 
DHC-7                          C-GNBX 
Do28D                          D-IBUF 
DC-3 TriTurbo                  N23SA 
EMB.110P-1                     G-BWTV (Air Shetland) 
EMB.110P-1                     FAB7052 
Xingu                          PP-ZCT 
Enstrom F28A                   G-BAWI 
Enstrom F280C                  G-BEEK 
Enstrom F280C                  G-BENO 
FFA Bravo                      HB-HEY 
FFA Bravo                      HB-HFD 
Dr.1 rep                       425.17/G-BEFR 
D.VII rep                      -/D-EAWM 
Fouga 90                       F-WZJB 
Nomad                          VH-AUH 
Nomad                          VH-BFH 
Nomad                          VH-BLY 
AA-5A                          G-BFRC 
AA-5B                          G-BFVS 
GA-7                           N29699 
HS.125-700                     G-BEFZ 
HS.748                         G-BCDZ 
HS.748                         G-BDVH 
H.369D                         G-BFAY 
H.369DM                        N58235 
ICA IS.28M                     G-7-100 
Bo105                          D-HDFQ 
Bo105                          D-HDGV 
M.20J                          OO-JPG 
Firecracker                    G-NDNI 
NAR Sabre 60                   N9NR 
NAR Sabre 75A                  JY-AFL 
P.68R                          I-VICR 
P.166DL3                       I-PIAC 
P.166DL3                       I-PJAG 
Pilatus B4                     HB-1253 
PC-6                           HB-FFW 
PC-6                           HB-FHA 
PC-7                           HB-HOZ 
PA-32RT                        G-BFYD 
PA-38                          G-OATS 
TS-11 Iskra                    SP-DOF 
Koliber                        SP-WGC 
Wilga                          SP-WHN 
RC.114                         N5808N 
RC.690B                        N81767 
Bulldog                        G-ASAL 
Skyvan                         G-BFUJ 
SD3-30                         G-BDBS 
SF-260C                        I-SEAW 
SM.1019                        I-AFRI             c/n 065/02-002 
Rallye 180                     F-GBCP 
Rallye 180                     F-GBCS 
Rallye 235                     F-GAFE 
Rallye 235                     F-GBKH 
Sopwith Camel rep              C1701/G-AWYY 
Sopwith Camel rep              B7270/G-BFCZ 
Agusta/Bell 206B Jet Ranger    G-BFGT             c/n 8537 
Bell 206B Jet Ranger           G-CHOC 
Bell 206L Long Ranger          G-BFAL             c/n 45077 
Piper Pa 23-250 Aztec F        G-BJDH             c/n 27-7654089 
Westland Gazelle 1             G-BAGL             c/n 1067 

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