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Mildenhall 1998

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Date: 23/24 May 1998

Made by: anonymous, Debbie Haynes, Kevin Hart, Jim Brookbank

Updated: 30 June 1999

C-17 Globemaster, USAF
Although the C-17 is rather new to the airshow-scene, it already has impressed many airshow spectators. During a tight turn of the 96-0001, Gary was able to catch it in a beautiful picture.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Static/Flightlines (North side): 
Harrier GR.7     ZD406/35                  HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                 ZD463/53                  HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
Hawk T.1         XX237 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX292 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX294 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX307 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX308 *     A             Red Arrows 
Hawk T.1A        XX227 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX252 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX253 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX260 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX264 *     A             Red Arrows 
                 XX266 *     A             Red Arrows 
Lancaster B.I    PA474/WS-J                BoB Memorial Flight 'City of Lincoln/Still Going Strong/ Johnnie Walker' 
Nimrod MR.2      XV232                     206 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
Puma HC.1        XW224                     72 Sqn 'President Roosevelt' 
Tornado F.3      ZE251/GA                  43 Sqn 
Tornado GR.1     ZA355/B-54                TTTE/A Sqn 
                 ZA361/B-57                TTTE/A Sqn 
                 ZG756/AX                  9 Sqn 
Tornado GR.1A    ZA373/H                   II(AC) Sqn 
VC.10 C.1K       XV108                     10 Sqn 'Rhodes-Moorhouse VC' 
Gazelle AH.1     XZ337                     663 Sqn/3 Regt 
Lynx AH.7        XZ679                     663 Sqn/3 Regt 
Lynx AH.9        ZG920                     653 Sqn/3 Regt 
Alpha Jet E      AT-25     S               VEC/1 Wg 
                 AT-32                     VEC/1 Wg 
F-16B            FB-07                     1 Sml/2 Wg 
CP-140 Aurora    140116                    405 Sqn/14 Wg 
F-16A            E-018                     Esk 726 
F-16B            ET-198                    Esk 726 
Alpha Jet E      E142/8-NV                 ETO 02.008 
                 E149/8-MO                 ETO 01.008 
Jaguar E         E24/7-PH                  EC 02.007 
                 E28/7-PS                  EC 02.007 
                 E37/7-PQ                  EC 02.007 
Tornado IDS      45+02                     JBG-34 
Transall C-160D  51+12                     LTG-62 
Let L-410UVP     01 (c/n 820738)           12 Transporto Eskadrile 
CH-47D Chinook   D-667                     298 Sqn 
F-16A            J-868 *     A             323 Sqn '50 Years of Cornfield Range' 
                 J-139 *                   323 Sqn 
                 J-061                     322 Sqn 
                 J-510                     315 Sqn 
An-26            2506 (c/n 12506)          32 ZmDK/321 Letka 
MiG-29A          6930 (c/n 36069)          31 SLK/311 Letka 
MiG-29UB         5304                      31 SLK/311 Letka (c/n N50903028253) 
C-130E/Tp.84     84001/841                 F7/1 Transportdivision 
JA.37 Viggen     37424/24                  F16/2 Jaktdivision 
                 37427/27                  F16/2 Jaktdivision 
                 37432/32                  F16/2 Jaktdivision 
C-130E           13187/12-187              12 HUAUS/222 Filo 
NF-5A            3013/2                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3016/3                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3027/4                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3015/5                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3055/6                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3066/7                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 3051/9                    Turk Yildizlari 
NF-5B            4005/0                    Turk Yildizlari 
                 4025/00                   Turk Yildizlari 
AC-130U          90-0167                   16th SOW/4th SOS 'Ghostriders' 
C-5A             69-0002 r/bl              433rd AW/68th AS, AFRC 
C-9A             71-0879                   86th AW/75th AAS 
C-17A            96-0001 y/bl              437th AW/17th AS 
C-21A            84-0108 *                 86th AW/76th AS 
                 84-0116 bl/y              375th AW/457th AS,12th ALF 
E-3B             75-0558/OK y              552nd ACW/965th AACS 
F-15C            86-0154/LN bk/y           48th FW/493rd FS 
                 86-0178/LN bk/y           48th FW/493rd FS 
                 86-0180/LN mlt     S      48th FW/493rd FS '48 OG' 
F-15E            91-0313/LN mlt     S      48th FW/494th FS '3rd AF' 
F-16C            88-0425/AV gn/w           31st FW/555th FS 
KC-135R          63-8017/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'The Latest Rumor' 
MC-130H          88-0194                   352nd SOG/7th SOS 'Dawg Pound' 
MC-130P          69-5820                   352nd SOG/67th SOS 
MH-53J           73-1648                   352nd SOG/21st SOS 
MH-60G           87-26010                  16th SOW/55th SOS 
NC-141A          61-2776                   412th TW/418th FLTS,AFFTC 'Desert Rat' 
OA-10A           81-0956/SP bk/w           52nd FW/81st FS 
OC-135B          61-2672/OF bl/w           55th Wg/45th RS 'OPEN SKIES' 
WC-130H          65-0967                   403rd AW/53rd WRS, AFRC 
C-12J            86-0079                   HQ USEUCOM 
UH-60A           84-23951                  45th Med Co 
                 86-24531                  45th Med Co 
(Both parked on sports field behind AMC terminal) 
F/A-18A          161960/MG-00     S        VMFA-321 
UC-12M           163840                    NAF Mildenhall 
CAC Mustang 23   472218/WZ-I (G-HAEC)      Robert Davies/OFMC 'Big Beautiful Doll' 
CCF Harvard IV   28521/TA-521 (G-TVIJ)     Robert Davies 
Extra EA.300S    JY-RNA                    Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                 JY-RND                    Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                 JY-RNE                    Royal Jordanian Falcons 
                 JY-RNG                    Royal Jordanian Falcons 
P-51D Mustang    474008/VF-R (G-SIRR)      Intrepid Aviation Co 
South side: 
Hercules C.3     XV202                     LTW (Falcons support) 
Jaguar GR.1A     XZ385/C                   16(R) Sqn 
Jaguar T.2A      XX846/V                   16(R) Sqn 
Nimrod MR.2      XV258                     42(R) Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
Spitfire LF.VB   AB910/ZD-B                BoB Memorial Flight 'President Roosevelt/Warner Brothers' 
Spitfire PR.XIX  PM631/S                   BoB Memorial Flight 
Gazelle AH.1     XW848/D                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                 XZ334/S                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                 ZB673/P                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                 ZA777/B                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
                 XX378/Q                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Lynx AH.7        ZD281/K                   671 Sqn Blue Eagles 
Tornado IDS      45+95                     JBG-34 
CH-53G           84+65                     HFR-35 
F-16A            J-014                     315 Sqn 
PC-7             L-03                      131 (EMVO) Sqn 
                 L-06                      131 (EMVO) Sqn 
C-160D           024                       12 HUAUS/221 Filo 
A-10A            81-0988/SP bk/w           52nd FW/81st FS 
C-130E           63-7814                   352nd SOG/67th SOS (hangared) 
F-15E            91-0335/LN r/w            48th FW/494th FS 
                 91-0601/LN r/w            48th FW/494th FS 
F-16D            90-0795/AV gn/w           31st FW/555th FS 
KC-135R          57-1456/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'El Diablo' 
                 57-1474/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'Reluctant Dragon' 
                 57-1499/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'The Big Stick' 
                 62-3517/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'Goin My Way' 
                 62-3528/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 
                 62-3538/D mlt             100th ARW/351st ARS 'Bat Outta Hell' 
                 62-3578                   100th ARW/351st ARS (hangared) 
KC-135T          58-0050 r                 92nd ARW/98th ARS 
MC-130H          84-0476                   352nd SOG/7th SOS 
                 86-1699                   352nd SOG/7th SOS 'Merlin's Magic' 
                 87-0023                   352nd SOG/7th SOS (hangared) 
                 88-0193                   352nd SOG/7th SOS 'Ridge Rider' 
MC-130P          66-0223                   352nd SOG/67th SOS (hangared) 
                 69-5826                   352nd SOG/67th SOS (hangared) 
                 69-5831                   352nd SOG/67th SOS 
MH-53J           70-1625                   352nd SOG/21st SOS NATO markings 
                 67-14993                  352nd SOG/21st SOS (hangared) 
                 68-10924                  352nd SOG/21st SOS 
F/A-18A          161970/MG-01              VMFA-321 
Cessna FA.152    G-BFMK                    RAF Halton Aeroplane Club Ltd 

Visiting and support aircraft, 20-24 May: 
C-130E           64-0531/FT bl/y           USAF 43rd AW/2nd AS 
C-130E/Tp.84     84003/843                 Swedish AF F7/1 Transportdivision 
C-130H           93-1563/NC bl             USAF 145th AW/156thAS, NC ANG 
C-141B           65-0243 r/y               USAF 97th AMW/57th AS 
Hercules C.3     XV184                     RAF LTW (Red Arrows support) 
KC-135R          57-1453 w                 USAF 117th ARW/106th ARS, AL ANG 
                 63-8007 w                 USAF 117th ARW/106th ARS, AL ANG 
TC-135W          62-4129/OF gn             USAF 55th Wg/38th RS 

*  -  Present on Saturday only 
A  -  Anniversary markings 
S  -  Other special markings 

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