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Radlett 1946

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Date: 12/13 September 1946

Made by: H.J. Curtis, 'The Aeroplane Spotter'


F-1    		Fairey Firefly Trainer (Class B registration)      
N-32            Supermarine Spitfire Trainer (Class B registration)
G-ACTJ          DH Leopard Moth                                    
G-ADNO          DH TK.2                                            
G-ADPR          Percival Gull Six                                  
G-AGOA          Avro York 'Montrose'                               
G-AGOS          Reid & Sigrist Desford                             
G-AGPD          Miles Marathon                                     
G-AGRE          Avro Tudor I                                       
G-AGTC          Percival Proctor V                                 
G-AHBY          Avro Lancastrian III                               
G-AHDS          HP Halton 'Freemantle'                             
G-AHJC          Bristol Wayfarer                                   
G-AHJT          Avro Lancaster III                                 
G-AHJU          Avro Lancaster III                                 
G-AHMV          Percival Proctor I                                 
G-AHRJ          DH Dove                                            
G-AHSM          Auster Autocrat                                    
G-AICA          Auster J/2 Arrow                                   
G-AICZ          Airspeed Consul                                    
G-AIDI          Miles Aerovan III                                  
G-AIDO          Miles Gemini IA                                    
HB-EIP          Miles M.48 Messenger                               
W4050           DH Mosquito (prototype)                            
EE525           Gloster Meteor F.4                                 
EK742           Blackburn Firebrand TF.5                           
HG248           Vickers Warwick C.III                              
LA610           Hawker Fury F.1                                    
LA704           GAL Hamilcar X                                     
NX233           Hawker Tempest F.6                                 
PF370           Westland Welkin IIA                                
PS944           Supermarine Seafire F.47                           
PX203           Cierva W.9                                         
PX313           DH Hornet F.1                                      
RE360           Avro Lincoln B.II                                  
RG231           DH Mosquito PR.34                                  
RG324           Armstrong Whitworth AW.52G                         
RG906           Miles Martinet T.1                                 
RH748           Bristol Brigand TF.1                               
RK787           Short Sturgeon PR.1                                
RN241           Fairey Spearfish                                   
RP151           Bristol Buckmaster T.1                             
TE580           HP Hastings C.1                                    
TF895           Hawker Sea Fury F.X                                
TG285           DH Vampire F.1                                     
TG306           DH.108                                             
TG328           DH Sea Vampire                                     
TS409           Supermarine E10/44                                 
TT186           DH Sea Hornet F.XX                                 
TV163           Percival prentice T.1                              
TW693           Fairey Firefly F.4                                 
VB895           Supermarine Seafang FR.32                          
VF482           Auster AOP.6                                       
VH742           Avro Lancastrian II                                
VL226           Vickers Viking C.1                                 
VL294           Avro XIX                                           

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