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Valley 1979

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Date: 18 August 1979

Made by: Graham Tanner


XP771      	Beaver AL.1	AAC           
XW304/X         JP T5           6 FTS         
XV778/16        Harr GR3        1 Sqdn        
XF526/78        Hunter F6       4 FTS         
XL566/86        Hunter T7       4 FTS         
XX220           Hawk T1         1 TWU         
XZ933/T         Gazelle HT2     2 FTS         
XX657/U         Bulldog T.1     nn            
XR534/65        Gnat T1         pres, ex 4 FTS
68-0057/UH      F-111E          20th TFW      
XR632           Scout AH1       652 Sqdn      
WK800/Z         Meteor D16      RAE Llanbedr  

XX763/24   	Jaguar GR1      226 OCU

XX181      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS outside
XX224      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS inside

XL573/97   	Hunter T7       4 FTS
XE874      	Vampire T11     (pres)
XX172      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX240      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX235      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX179      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX243      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX232      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX245      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX180      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX233      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX223      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS
XX238      	Hawk T.1        4 FTS

Far side of airfield:
XF386/75   	Hunter          4 FTS
XL567/84  	Hunter          4 FTS
XF383/72   	Hunter          4 FTS
XL597/87   	Hunter          4 FTS
XL601/88   	Hunter          4 FTS
XF527/70   	Hunter          4 FTS

WJ943      	Varsity T1      dumped 
VP955           Devon C2               
XR497           Wessex HC2      22 sqdn
XR501           Wessex HC2      22 sqdn

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