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Waddington 1976

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Date: 19 June 1976

Made by: Nigel R Sadler


104869		F-104G Starfighter	1 CAG
AB910	QJ-J	Spitfire V		BofBMF
G-AXXH		Islander	
G-AYMW		AB-206	
K-3031		F-5A Freedom Fighter	314 Sqdn
PA474	KM-B	Lancaster B.1		BofBMF
RR299	HTE	Mosquito T.3	
TF956	T-123	Sea Fury FB.11		RNHF
WB925		Sedburgh		ATC               
WF328	B	Varsity T.1	        Derelict Ex 6 FTS 
WF791	-	Meteor T.7	        CFS "Vintage Pair"
WJ633	F	Canberra T.17	        360 Sqdn          
WL925		Cadet TX.3	        ATC               
WR960	60	Shackleton AEW.2	8 Sqdn
XD182		Whirlwind HAR.10	202 Sqdn
XF877	A	Provost T.1		Ex CATCS           
XH304	-	Vampire T.11	        CFS "Vintage Pair" 
XH481		Vulcan B.1A	        Dump (Parts)       
XH502		Vulcan B.1A	        Dump (Nose)        
XH539		Vulcan B.2	        Dump (Parts)       
XH557		Vulcan B.2	        9 Sqdn           
XH562		Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqdn           
XH650		Victor K.2	        55 Sqdn           
XJ782		Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqdn           
XJ823		Vulcan B.2	        9 Sqdn           
XL188		Victor K.2	        55 Sqdn           
XL388		Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqdn           
XL389		Vulcan B.2	        9 Sqdn           
XM571		Vulcan B.2	        35 Sqdn           
XM575		Vulcan B.2	        50 Sqdn           
XM594		Vulcan B.2	        101 Sqdn           
XM600		Vulcan B.2	        101 Sqdn           
XM603		Vulcan B.2	        50 Sqdn           
XM606		Vulcan B.2	        101 Sqdn           
XM611		Vulcan B.2	        101 Sqdn           
XM651		Vulcan B.2	        50 Sqdn           
XM652		Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqdn           
XM653		Vulcan B.2	        44 Sqdn           
XM656		Vulcan B.2	        101 Sqdn           
XM972	-	Lightning T.4	        Derelict Ex 226 OCU
XN977		Buccaneer S.2	        237 OCU            
XN983		Buccaneer S.2	        237 OCU            
XP514		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XP539		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XP695	O	Lightning F.3	        11 Sqdn           
XP737	P	Lightning F.3	        11 Sqdn           
XR506	AV	Wessex HC.2	        72 Sqdn           
XR572		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XR955		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XR981		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XR991		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XR993		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XS101		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XS107		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XS111		Gnat T.1	        CFS "Red Arrows"   
XS730	H	Dominie T.1	        6 FTS            
XT873	S	Phantom FG.1	        43 Sqdn           
XV165		Buccaneer S.2B	        12 Sqdn           
XV176	176	C-130 C.1	        LTW                
XV182	182	C-130 C.1	        LTW                
XV258	58	Nimrod MR.1	        Kinloss Wing       
XV300	300	C-130 C.1	        LTW                
XV579	R	Phantom FG.1	        43 Sqdn           
XV759	40	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU            
XV762	44	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU            
XW352	P3	Jet Provost T.5	        RAFC "Poachers"    
XW359	P4	Jet Provost T.5		RAFC "Poachers"
XW369	P9	Jet Provost T.5	        RAFC "Poachers"
XW373	P11	Jet Provost T.5	        RAFC "Poachers"
XW922	49	Harrier GR.3	        233 OCU        
XX115	03	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU        
XX554	09	Bulldog T.1	        London UAS     
XX766	14	Jaguar GR.1	        226 OCU        
XZ116	-	Jaguar GR.1	        41 Sqdn       
XZ282	82	Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss Wing   

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