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Coltishall 1970

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Date: 19 September 1970

Made by: John A. Smith


XB259            BEVERLEY C1          RAE 
WL676            VARSITY T1 
WH774            CANBERRA PR7         RRE 
XH897/A          JAVELIN FAW9         AEE 
XR984/52         GNAT T1              4FTS 
XG274/71         HUNTER F6            4FTS 
XM972            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
K-688            C-47                 721SQ.RDAF 
O-52834          F-100D               'LS' 48TFW 
50830            RF-4C                'AR' 10TRW 

AB910            SPITFIRE 5           'SO-T'B-O-B FLT. 
WD285            CHIPMUNK T10         LIV UAS 
XP632/30         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
VZ467            METEOR F8 
XS418            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS419            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS454            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 

XM189            LIGHTNING F1A 
XM973            LIGHTNING F1A 
XM988            LIGHTNING T4 

XN923            BUCCANEER S1         RAE 
XS639            ANDOVER C1           46SQ. 
XR540            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR545            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR986            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR987            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR991            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR993            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR994            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XR996            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XS107            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XS111            GNAT T1              RED ARROWS 
XA938            VICTOR BK1           214SQ 
XP747/S          LIGHTNING F3 
XP745/H          LIGHTNING F3 
XF386/33         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XF516/49         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XG160/30         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XG229/42         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XR672/48         JET PROVOST T4       1FTS 
XV723/AQ         WESSEX HC2           HOCF 
XN817            ARGOSY C1            BLUE KNIGHTS PARA TEAM 
XV585/H          PHANTOM FG1          43SQ. 
XT272/657        BUCCANEER S2         736SQ. 
XV108            VC10 C1              10SQ. 
XR362            BELFAST C1           53SQ. 
40854            F4C                  'WR' 81TFW with 40924. 
XV293            HERCULES C1          ASC 
XD165            WHIRLWIND HAR10      202SQ. 
XH538            VULCAN B2            WADD.WING 
XV298            HERCULES C1          LTW 
XM498            BRITANNIA C1         99SQ. 
WF326/I          VARSITY T1           5FTS 
WL631/A          VARSITY T1           5FTS 
WL642/H          VARSITY T1           5FTS 
XM171            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM178            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM180            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM214            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM215            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM968            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XM969            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XM974            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XM987            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XM994            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XM997            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU 
XR718            LIGHTNING F3         226OCU 
XS449            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS450            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS452            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS457            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS458            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
XS459            LIGHTNING T5         226OCU 
G-222            F-100D               727SQ RDAF 
G-261            F-100D               727SQ RDAF 
G-266            F-100D               727SQ RDAF 
G-302            F-100D               727SQ RDAF 
G-748            F-100D               727SQ RDAF 
XP688/22         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
XR654/34         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
XS180/10         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
XS211/14         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
XS216/19         JET PROVOST T4       RAFCAW 
XV758            HARRIER GR1          HCU 
WG470/32         CHIPMUNK T10         PFS 
WG478/20         CHIPMUNK T10         PFS 
WK514/6          CHIPMUNK T10         PFS 
104720           CF-104               421SQ RCAF 
104733           CF-104               421SQ RCAF 
104796           CF-104               421SQ RCAF 
104804           CF-104               421SQ RCAF 
104821           CF-104               421SQ RCAF 
XP737            LIGHTNING F3         226OCU 

XS775            BASSET C1            207SQ. 
XS789            ANDOVER CC2          Q/FLIGHT 
XL929            PEMBROKE C1          207SQ. 
XV106            VC10 C1              10SQ. 
XE653/28         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XG161/55         HUNTER F6            229OCU 
XJ676/57         HUNTER F6            229OCU 

XM182            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM172            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM216            LIGHTNING F1         226OCU 
XM990            LIGHTNING T4         226OCU         (CRASHED IN LOCAL AREA-CREW BAILED OUT) 
XP696            LIGHTNING F3 
XP352            WHIRLWIND HAR10      22SQ.          (WITH CREW FROM XM990) 
WK786/P          METEOR F8            FIRE DUMP 

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