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Halfpenny Green 1972

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Date: 27 August 1972

Made by: Ian Powell, Neil Williams

Updated: 2 January 2011

Type:                  Serial:   Code:     Unit: 
Sioux AH.1             XT134               Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1             XT193               Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1             XT206               Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1             XT242               Blue Eagles 
Sioux AH.1             XW192               Blue Eagles 
Anson C.19             VM325 
Chipmunk T.10          WD285     38        Blue Chips 
Chipmunk T.10          WG316     22        Blue Chips 
Chipmunk T.10          WG317 
Chipmunk T.10          WG348     28        Blue Chips 
Dominie T.1            XS712 
Jet Provost T.4        XP558     20        Macaws 
Jet Provost T.4        XR670     14        Macaws 
Jet Provost T.4        XS180     10        Macaws 
Jet Provost T.5        XW406	 48	   3FTS "Gemini"
Jet Provost T.5        XW407     50	   3FTS "Gemini"
Jet Provost T.5        XW410     51	   3FTS "Gemini"
Whirlwind HAR.10       XD163     X 

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