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Alconbury 1985

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Date: July 1985

Made by: Adrian Pearce, Tom McGhee, Ian Powell


XW533/AS           Buccaneer S.2B         RAF 208 Sqn 
XH165              Canberra PR.9          RAF 1 PRU 
ZB627/A            Gazelle HT.3           RAF 2 FTS 
XX178              Hawk T.1               RAF 4 FTS 
XX226              Hawk T.1               RAF 4 FTS 
XX291              Hawk T.1               RAF 4 FTS 
XV212              Hercules C.3           RAF LTW 
XW323/44           J.Provost T.5A         RAF RAFC 
XZ206              Lynx AH.1              AAC 657 Sqn 
XZ328              Gazelle AH.1           AAC 657 Sqn 
104788             CF104                  CF 1 CAG 
AT-156             Draken                 RDAF Esk725 
ET-614             F16B                   RDAF Esk723 
622/33-NC          Mirage F.1CR           AdlA ER.33 
LX-N90459          E3A                    NATO NAEWF 
J-219              F16A                   KLu TCA 
J-650              F16B                   KLu 311 Sqn 
80-0143/WR         A10A                   USAF 81 TFW 
84-0458            C23A                   USAF 10 MAS 
64-0523            MC130E                 USAF 7 SOS 
69-0285/SP y       F4G                    USAF 52 TFW 
69-0369/AR         RF4C                   USAF 10 TRW 
74-1636/SP y       F4E                    USAF 52 TFW 
74-01563           F5E                    USAF 527 AS 
80-0004/BT r       F15C                   USAF 36 TFW 
80-0021/BT r       F15C                   USAF 36 TFW 
80-0026/BT r       F15C                   USAF 36 TFW 
82-0914/TJ ryb     F16A                   USAF 401 TFW 
82-0922/TJ ryb     F16A                   USAF 401 TFW 
56-0312/AR         F101F                  Preserved 
68-0032/UH r       F111E                  USAF 20 TFW 
68-0059/UH r       F111E                  USAF 20 TFW 
80-1079            TR1A                   USAF 17 RW 
67-15565           AH1S                   USArmy 13 AHB 
73-21822           UH1H                   USArmy 25 Avn Co 
68-15865           CH47C                  USArmy 180 Avn Co 
70-15211           OH58D                  USArmy 25 Avn Co 
67-18905           OV1C                   USArmy 73 ClCo 
26+66              F104G                  WGN MFG-2 
26+74              F104G                  WGN MFG-2 
EX280              Harvard                Private 
FE992              Harvard                Private 

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