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Farnborough 1968

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Date: 19/21 September 1968

Made by:

Updated: 13 February 2001

43              Atlantic                AERONAVALE         (W/O next day) 
23268           Soko Galeb G2           YUGO.AF 
24031           Soko Jastreb            YUGO.AF 
35346/46        J35F Draken             F3 SWED.AF 
53-687          Lightning F53           SAUDI AF. 
902             Strikemaster            SAUDI AF. 
XS601		Andover C1
XP409		Argosy C1
XP277		Auster
XK487		Buccaneer S1
XV863		Buccaneer S2
WJ639		Canberra B2
VP979		Devon C1
XV739           Harrier GR1 
XV740           Harrier GR1 
XV742           Harrier GR1 
XV743           Harrier GR1
WD480		Hastings
XS172		Hiller HT2 
WW598		Hunter FR10
XL563		Hunter T7
XL614		Hunter T7
XN607		Jet Provost T3
XP643		Jet Provost T4
XS926		Lightning F6
WA714		Meteor T7
WL375		Meteor
XV226           Nimrod MR1 
XA847		P.1B
XP984		P.1127
XT859/725       Phantom FG1             700PSQ.
XT891		Phantom FGR2
WV577		Provost T1
WV604		Provost T1
WV619		Provost T1
WV663		Provost T1
WV683		Provost T1
WW448		Provost T1
WW449		Provost T1
XF543		Provost T1
XF602		Provost T1
XF610		Provost T1
XF612		Provost T1
XF680		Provost T1
XF890		Provost T1
XF905		Provost T1
XF906		Provost T1
XW241           SA.330E 
XP166		Scout AH1
XP908		Scout AH1
XR637		Scout AH1
XT616		Scout AH1
XV126		Scout AH1
XV370           Sea King HAS1 
XT164		Sioux AH1
XT567		Sioux AH1
XJ918		Sycamore
WZ475		Vampire T11
XH614		Victor K1
XA903		Vulcan B1
XV629           Wasp HAS1 
XM923		Wessex HAS3
XR503           Wessex HC2 
XR523/E         Wessex HC2 
XR524/F         Wessex HC2 
XS481/T		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS512/W		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS513/U		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS515/Y		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS516/V		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS517/X		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS520/Q		Wessex HU5		845sq
XS523/S		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT448/C		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT453/K		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT455/M		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT461/F		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT469/G		Wessex HU5		845sq
XT479/Z		Wessex HU5		845sq
XJ445		Whirlwind HAR10
XV107           VC10 C1                 10SQ. 
F-ZWRA/002	SA340A			2nd prototype
G-AWON		Lightning		Saudi?
I-BAGJ		MB326			s/be MM54289
I-FAZE		MB326			s/be MM54290

XB259           Beverley C1             RAE 
WH952           Canberra B2             RAE 
TG618           Hastings C1             RAE MET.FLT. 
TG619           Hastings C1             RAE                 scrap 
XF274           Meteor T7               RAE 
WL405           Meteor T7               RAE 
WZ475/17        Vampire T11             ETPS                scrap 
XP350           Whirlwind HAR10         22SQ.RESCUE 

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