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Woodford 1992

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Date: 27 June 1992

Made by: Kevin Hall


XV460/R         Phantom FGR2 
XV487/G         Phantom FGR2 
ZH200           Hawk 200 
163503          F/A-18C             U.S. NAVY 
163508          F/A-18C             U.S. NAVY 
161434          F-14                U.S. NAVY 
595             Su-27               Test pilots 
596             Su-27               Test pilots 
FA124           F-16A               B.A.F. 
FA73            F-16A               B.A.F. 
AT19            Alpha Jet           B.A.F. 
A-292           Alouette 3          R.NL.A.F. 
B-69            Bo105CB             R.NL.A.F. 
70              EMB121 XINGU        F.A.F. 
RM689           Spitfire                                     crashed at show 
XV260           Nimrod MR2 
XZ241/365       Lynx                Royal Navy 
ZA170/584       Seaking 
ZE733/GE        Tornado F3 
ZG775/CC        Tornado GR1 
ZE761/CB        Tornado F3 
XX195/CA        Hawk T1 
XX312           Hawk T1 
XX303           Hawk T1 
XX343           Hawk T1 
XX337/K         Hawk T1 
XX193           Hawk T1 
XX252           Hawk T1 
XX256           Hawk T1 
XH558           Vulcan B2 
XW862/D         Gazelle HT2 
RR299           Mosquito 
PA474           Lancaster           BBMF 
PS915           Spitfire            BBMF 
XX193           Hawk T1 
XZ398/A         Jaguar GR1A 
XX616           Bulldog T1 
XX617           Bulldog T1 
ZG510/CE        Harrier GR5 
ZG533/CF        Harrier GR5 
12              Alize               French Navy 
XP693/G-FSIX    Lightning F6 
473877          P.51 MUSTANG 
G-BUFL          BAe Jetstream 31 
G-BRLY          BAe ATP 
G-BMPL          OA7 OPTICA 
G-ASSS          Cessna 172          private 
G-BTUY          BAe 146 
G-EBLV          DH60 
G-OSAS          BAe 146 
N 9043          Starduster II 
VH-LMP          BAe 125-800 
HB-HMA          PC-7                Team Ecco 
HB-HMB          PC-7                Team Ecco 
HB-HMC          PC-7                Team Ecco 
HB-HMP          PC-7                Team Ecco 

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