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Dunsfold 1972

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Date: 17 June 1972

Made by: Alan Macey


158696			AV-8A                       
158698		        AV-8A                       
158699		        AV-8A                       
158700		        AV-8A                       
158701		        AV-8A                       
158702		        AV-8A                       
158704		        AV-8A                       
158711		        AV-8A                       
XV741		        Harrier GR.1                
XW770		        Harrier GR.1                
XW927		        Harrier T.2                 
825		        Hunter F.73A		RJAF
826		        Hunter F.73A		RJAF
827		        Hunter F.73A		RJAF
J-4112/G-9-329		Hunter F.58A
J-4116/G-9-256/SW16	Hunter F.58A
J-4117/G-9-261/SW17	Hunter F.58A
J-4118/G-9-234/SW18	Hunter F.58A
J-4119/G-9-335/SW19	Hunter F.58A
J-4120/G-9-336/SW20	Hunter F.58A
J-4121/G-9-337/SW21	Hunter F.58A
J-4124/G-9-340/SW24	Hunter F.58A
J-4113/G-9-370		Hunter F.58A
J-4114/G-9-254		Hunter F.58A
J-4115/G-9-321		Hunter F.58A
J-4122/G-9-338		Hunter F.58A
J-4123/G-9-339		Hunter F.58A
J-4125/G-9-341		Hunter F.58A
S1289/G-9-344		Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
S1290/G-9-352		Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
S1291/G-9-353		Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
S1292/G-9-354		Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
S1293/G-9-355		Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
S1295			Hunter T.66E		Ind AF
G-9-383/CH4   		Hunter FR.71  		(became J-734 Chile)
G-9-396/CH5   		Hunter F.71     	(became J-735 Chile)
G-9-398/CH7     	Hunter F.71     	(became J-737 Chile)
G-9-379                 Hunter F.71     	(became J-731 Chile)
G-9-380                 Hunter F.71     	(became J-732 Chile)
G-9-382                 Hunter F.71     	(became J-733 Chile)
G-9-391                 Hunter F.71     	(became J-738 Chile)
G-9-345           	Hunter T.75      	(became Singapore 528)
G-9-348                 Hunter T.75
532			Hunter
G-9-373           	Hunter F.58A   		(became J-4131)           
G-9-389                 Hunter T.68      	(became J-4202)         
G-9-194                 Hunter                                   
G-9-269                 Hunter F.58A   		(became J-4129)           
G-9-343                 Hunter F.58A            (became J-4130 
WW659/G-9-342  		Hunter F.4
N-313/G-9-192      	Hunter T.7

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