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Upper Heyford 1987

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Date: 6 June 1987

Made by: Graham Wickens


"472216"		P-51D		                   
"JV928"		        Catalina		           
133345		        CT-133			GTTF RCAF	                       
188729		        CF-18A	                1st CAG RCAF	                       
86-24553	        UH-60A	                48th Avn Co	c/n 70-1071            
58-0202		        B-52G	                42nd BW	                               
59-1494		        KC-135	                133rd ARS/ NH ANG	               
62-4428/JB	        F-105G	                BDRF	                               
63-7449/SA	        F-4D	                BDRF		"I laid Down"                  
67-0034/UH	        EF-111A	                66th ECW	"60042ECS"             
66-7956		        C-141B	                437th MAW	                       
68-10930	        CH-53C	                601st TCW	                       
69-16231	        OH-58A	                62nd Avn Co	                       
69-17114	        CH-47C	                295th Avn Co	                       
69-7558/SP rd	        F-4G	                52nd TFW	                       
70-1532/32	        F-5E	                527th AS	                       
70-16281	        UH-1H	                62nd Avn Co	                       
7218		        UH-1D	                LHFTR-10 
73-1595/SB	        EC-130H	                66th ECW	                       
7327		        UH-1D	                LHFTR-10 
79-0048/BT tiger	F-15C	                36th TFW	                       
80-1084			TR-1A	                17th RW	                               
81-0981/WR multi	A-10A	                81st TFW	"81st TFW"             
84-0468			C-23A	                10th MAS	"Greenham Common"      
84-1393/HR bl/y		F-16C	                50th TFW	                       
85-0035			C-130H	                357th TAS/AFRes	"City of Montgomery II"
AT-155			Draken Sk 35XD		Esk 729 
BD-07	                Mirage VBD		2 Wing  
E-600	                F-16A			Esk 723 
E-203	                F-16A			Esk 723 
FT391	                Harvard		                                             
TE311/7241M		Spitfire Lf.16		RAFEF	
WW397/NE		Provost T.1		
XN983/P			Buccaneer S.2B		12 Sqn	
XV741/C			Harrier GR.3		233 OCU	
XX201/H			Hawk T.1A		2 TWU	
XX965/04		Jaguar GR.1		226 OCU	
ZA546/05		Tornado GR.1		27 Sqn	
ZA768/F			Gazelle 		ARWS	
68-0040/UH Tiger	F-111E			20th TFW	"The Other Woman"
68-0055/UH bl/w		F-111E			"55th TFS" 20th TFW	"Heartbreaker"
68-0077/UH rd	        F-111E			20th TFW	"77FTS"               

Far side flightline:
80-006/BT r		F-15C	                36th TFW	    
80-013/BT		F-15C	                36th TFW	    
80-021/BT		F-15C	                36th TFW	    
85-1399/HR bl/y		F-16C	                50th TFW	    
88-0195/WR pr/w		A-10A	                81st TFW	    
88-0274/WR y/w		A-10A	                81st TFW	    
BA-05	                Mirage VBA		2 Wing		
XW274/38		Jet Provost T.5		RAFC		
XW323/44		Jet Provost T.5		RAFC		
80-0195/WR pr/w	        A-10A	                81st TFW	
80-0276/WR y/w	        A-10A	                81st TFW	
69-0372/ZR g/w	        RF-4C	                26th TRW	
72-0152/ZR g/w	        RF-4C	                26th TRW	
67-0119/UH b/w	        F-111E	                20th TFW	
68-0034/UH b/w	        F-111E	                20th TFW	
68-0035/UH b/w	        F-111E	                20th TFW	
68-0036/UH b/w	        F-111E	                20th TFW	
68-0075/UH b/w	        F-111E	                20th TFW	
66-0037/UH	        EF-111A	                42nd ECS	
66-0039/UH	        EF-111A	                42nd ECS	
66-0057/UH	        EF-111A	                42nd ECS	
67-0052/UH	        EF-111A	                42nd ECS	
XX192			Hawk T.1		1 TWU		        
XX194	                Hawk T.1	        1 TWU		        
XV210	                Hercules C.1	        LTW		        
XV304	                Hercules C.3	        LTW		        
XX253	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX260	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX266	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX227	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX304	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX243	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX252	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX253	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX259	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
XX306	                Hawk T.1	        Red Arrows	
PZ865	                Hurricane IIc	        BBMF		        
PM631	                Spitfire IIa	        BBMF		

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