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Church Fenton 1985

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Date: 9 June 1985

Made by: Debbie Haynes


XH304             Vampire T.11            RAF Vintage Pair, CFS 
WA669             Meteor T.7              RAF Vintage Pair, CFS 
132001            Dash 7, CC-132          412 sqn, Lahr, W.Ger Canadian armed forces 
XV249             Nimrod MR.2             Kinloss wing 
XP359             Whirlwind HAR.10        RAF Exhibition Flt, Abingdon 
82-0659           A-10A Thunderbolt II    511 TFS Bentwaters 
FB-13             F-16A                   Belgian AF 
E112 [314-VE]     Alpha Jet               French AF 
AT-156            Draken                  Danish AF 
XX843             Jaguar T.2              2 Sqn, Laarbruch 
JV928  (G-BLSC)   Catalina PBY-5A         Private 
XS713             Dominie T.1             6 FTS, Finningley 
XX493             Jetstream T.1           6 FTS, Finningley 
XX621             Bulldog T.1             Yorkshire UAS, Finningley 
XX236             Hawk T.1                4 FTS, Valley 
XM419             Jet Provost T.3A        7 FTS, Church Fenton 
XW405             Jet Provost T.5A        1 FTS, Linton-on-Ouse 
            (Flown by Flt/Lt DL Whittingham , Wright Jubilee Trophy Winner) 
TE311 [AU-Y]      Spitfire XVIe           RAF Exhibition Flight, Abingdon 
ZB626             Gazelle HT.3            2 FTS, Shawbury 
N1344             Ryan PT.22              Private 
XW907             Gazelle HT.2            705 sqn RN, Culdrose – SHARKS TEAM 
XW863             Gazelle HT.2            705 sqn RN, Culdrose – SHARKS TEAM 
XW860             Gazelle HT.2            705 sqn RN, Culdrose – SHARKS TEAM 
XW886             Gazelle HT.2            705 sqn RN, Culdrose – SHARKS TEAM 
XW612             Scout AH.1              658 sqn AAC, Netheravon 
P7350 [SH-D]      Spitfire IIA            BBMF 
LF363 [VY-X]      Hurricane IIC           BBMF 
PA474 [SR-D]      Lancaster 1             BBMF 
XZ451 [000/N]     Sea Harrier FRS.1       801 sqn RN, Yeovilton 
XX309             Hawk T.1                4 FTS, Valley 
XX310             Hawk T.1                4 FTS, Valley 
FA34              F-16A                   Belgian AF 
68-0557 [AR]      RF-4C Phantom           10 TRW USAF, Alconbury 
81-0673 [HR]      F-16A                   50 TFW, 10 TFS USAF, Hahn 
XX234             Hawk T.1                CFS, Valley 
And finally the RED ARROWS DISPLAY TEAM with their Hawks. 

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