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Cosford 1995

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Date: 18 June 1995

Made by: Scramble


XX699/F               Bulldog T1   	Birmingham UAS
XW870/F               Gazelle HT3  	2FTS
XW907/H1              Gazelle AH1  	670sq
XV292                 Hercules C1  	LTW
XX494/B               Jetstream T1 	45(R)sq
ZF514                 Tucano T1    	1FTS
ZH125                 Vigilant T1  	633VGS
XT672/WE              Wessex HC2   	2FTS
XS641/Z               Andover C1PR 	2SoTT
XS793                 Andover CC2  	2SoTT
XW544/Y               Buccaneer S2B 	2SoTT
XV732/B               Harrier GR3  	2SoTT
XZ139/A               Harrier GR3  	2SoTT
XX110/EP              Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XX118/DE (8945M)      Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XX959/CJ              Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XW299/60-MS (9146M)   J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW301/63 (9147M)      J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW309/V               J.Provost T5B 	2SoTT
XW311/V               J.Provost T5B 	2SoTT
XW321/62              J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW328/75-MI           J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW330/82-MJ           J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW358/59              J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW360/61-ML           J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW367/64              J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW370/72              J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW416/84-MS           J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW418                 J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
XW434/78 (9091M)      J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT
WE600                 Auster T7    	museum
XW547/R               Buccaneer S2B 	museum
WP912                 Chipmunk T10 	museum
VP952                 Devon C2     	museum
WS843/Y               Meteor NF14  	museum
WV746                 Pembroke C1  	museum
XL703                 Pioneer CC1  	museum
XL993                 T.Pioneer CC1 	museum
J-1704                Venom FB54   	museum

Hangar 1:
TX214                 Anson C19    	museum
'KG374'               Dakota C4    	museum
TG511                 Hastings T5  	museum
KN751                 Liberator VI 	museum
WE982                 Prefect TX1  	museum
XJ918 (8190M)         Whirlwind HAR10 	museum
TS798                 York C1      	museum

Hangar 2:
XX558/A, XX534/B      Bulldog T1   	Birmingham UAS

Hangar 3:
N3378                 Defiant I    	remains only
XX730/EC              Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XT257                 Wessex HAS3  	2SoTT
XW430/77-MW           J.Provost T5A 	2SoTT

Hangar 4:
XX751/10, XX756/AM    Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XX968/AJ, XX969/01    Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XZ368/AG, XZ370/JB    Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XZ374/JC, XZ383/AF    Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
XZ390/35              Jaguar GR1   	2SoTT
...../Z		      Jaguar T2	   	nn, outside

C-8                   F27-300M     	334sq
ZD378/A, ZD403/G      Harrier GR7  	20(R)sq
XV187, XV293          Hercules C1  	LTW
XS676/WJ, XT603       Wessex HC2   	2FTS
XT601                 Wessex HC2   	22sq
XW865, XW908          Gazelle AH1  	Blue Eagles
XX375, ZA737          Gazelle AH1  	Blue Eagles
XW853/53, XZ942/42    Gazelle HT2  	705sq
XZ641/G               Lynx AH7     	Blue Eagles
XZ694/307             Lynx HAS3    	815sq
XZ574/PW-704          Sea King HAS6	819sq
LS326/L2              Swordfish III 	RNHF

Flying only:
ZA947                 Dakota C4    	BoBMF
PZ865/J               Hurricane 2C 	BoBMF
PA474/WS-J            Lancaster B1 	BoBMF
AB910                 Spitfire VB  	BoBMF
ZA560?		      Tornado GR1  	TTTE
1x		      Nimrod	   	nn

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