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Wattisham 1972

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Date: 16 September 1972

Made by: Willy Metze, SEAR, Alan Macey

Updated: 4 September 2001

XP765     A           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP743     B           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP764     C           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP694     D           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP755     E           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP703     G           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP735     J           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP695     L           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP757     M           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP708     N           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XP763     P           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XR751     Q           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XR715     R           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.29 SQN 
XS459     T           LIGHTNING T.MK.5             NO.29 SQN 
XR713     A           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP738     E           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP706     F           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP748     G           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP750     H           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP746     J           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP749     K           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP751     L           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP748     M           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP754     R           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XP758     S           LIGHTNING F.MK.3             NO.111 SQN 
XM139                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1             SSTFF 
XM147                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1             SSTFF 
XM177                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            SSTFF 
XM192                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            SSTFF 
XE651     B           HUNTER FGA.9                 NO.229 OCU/NO.79 SQN 
XG207     C           HUNTER FGA.9                 NO.229 OCU/NO.79 SQN 
XJ687     O           HUNTER FGA.9                 NO.229 OCU/NO.79 SQN 
WH739     S           CANBERRA B.MK.2              NO.100 SQN 
WA669                 METEOR T.MK.7                CFS-VINTAGE PAIR 
XH304                 VAMPIRE T.MK.11              CFS-VINTAGE PAIR 
XH897                 JAVELIN FAW.9                'A' SQN/A&AEE 
XA926                 VICTOR BK.MK.1A              NO.57 SQN 
XA939                 VICTOR BK.MK.1A              NO.214 SQN 
XL320                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.230 OCU 
XM574                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO. 
XV242                 NIMROD MR.1                  ST.MAWGAN WING 
XV104                 VC10 C.MK.1                  NO.10 SQN 
XW336     6           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW352     3           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW357     5           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW359     4           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW360     1           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
XW363     2           JET PROVOST T.MK.5           RAFC-POACHERS 
WJ897     F           VARSITY T.1                  AE&AES 
WK622                 CHIPMUNK T.10 
WB750     D           CHIPMUNK T.10                CAMBRIGDE UAS 
XW218     DB          PUMA HC.1                    NO.230 SQN 
XT771     VL-WM       WESSEX HU.5                  NO.707 SQN RN 
XT486     VL-WW       WESSEX HU.5                  NO.707 SQN RN 
PZ865     DT-A        HURRICANE IIC                BOB FLT. 
P7350     ZH-T        SPITFIRE                     BOB FLT. 
66- 0424  AR          RF-4C                        10TRW/32TRS 
63- 7552  WR          F-4C                         81TFW        (FLYING) 
64- 0865  WR          F-4C                         81TFW        (FLYING) 
64- 0902  WR          F-4C                         81TFW        (FLYING) 
64- 0908  WR          F-4C                         81TFW        (FLYING) 
68- 0060  JT          F-111E                       20TFW/77TFS  (FLYING) 
529       VB          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
536       VE          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
563       VF          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
541       VG          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
542       VH          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
562       VI          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
545       VK          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
546       VL          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
561       VM          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
576       VN          CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
527                   CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
565                   CM170R                       GI312 PDF 
AB821                 Spitfire V                                also noted as AB871!!! 
EP120     OV-H        Spitfire LF.V 
10639     +14         Bf.109G 
D3419                 Sopwith Camel 

XM275                 Canberra B(I).8 
VZ634                 Meteor T.7 

XG228     E           Hunter FGA.9                 229 OCU 
XG158     M           Hunter FGA.9                 229 OCU 

Elsewhere on the airfield: 
XP352                 Whirlwind HAR.10 		   22 Sqn
XS728     E           Dominie T.1                  6 FTS 
XS782                 Basset CC.1                  207 Sqn 
XW358     73          Jet Provost T.5              RAFC 
XR603                 Scout AH.1 
WG430                 Chipmunk T.10                Marham SF     also noted as WG420!!! 
XL929                 Pembroke C.1                 207 Sqn 
XH175                 Canberra PR.9                39 Sqn 
XS611                 Andover C.1                  46 Sqn 
XP745     H           Lightning F.3                29 Sqn 
XS422                 Lightning T.5                111 Sqn 
XP762     C           Lightning F.3                111 Sqn 
XP740     B           Lightning F.3                111 Sqn 
XP741     D           Lightning F.3                111 Sqn 
XS421     T           Lightning T.5                111 Sqn 
XR711                 Lightning F.3                derelict in Hangar 303 

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