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Upper Heyford 1969

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Date: 14 June 1969

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till


0-77214       VC-47D        513TAW 7513ABS MILDENHALL 
0-49046       C-54E         HQ 3rd AF 
24533         HH-43B        BASE RSQ.FLT. 
38002         KC-135A       306BW 
10275         KC-135A       97BW 
50748         F-4D          81TFW 78TFS 
0-63162       F-100D        20TFW 55TFS 
0-60058       RF-101C       66TRW 18TRS 
80553         RF-4C         66TRW 17TRS 
80565         RF-4C         66TRW 17TRS 
0-61202       F-102A        526FIS  86AD 
O-22678       VC-97G        7101ABW 
0-49100       C-54M         3rd AF 
48715         C-47D         BASE FLT 
0-48913       VC-47D 
0-60089       RF-101C       66TRW                  FLYPAST 
              F-100D        20TFW                     " 
              F-100D        20TFW                     " 
              F-100D        20TFW                     " 
              F-100D        20TFW                     " 
0-60112       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
0-60126       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
0-60130       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
0-60055       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
0-60091       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
0-60224       RF-101C       66TRW                     " 
  80565       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  80555       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  80554       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  80560       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  80563       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  80559       RF-4C         66TRW   17TRS             " 
  0-48715     C-47D         66TRW 
  57-0457/OB  C-130A 

Also on base: 
0-60117,0-60126,0-60127,0-60130,0-60224,0-60229,0-60231. ALL 18TRS 

80553,80557,80558,80561,80562.  17TRS 

80567     17TRS 
0-60132   18TRS 
0-60206   RF-101C WRECKAGE  (CRASHED STEEPLE ASTON 12-5-69) 

XH534         VULCAN B2 
XL165         VICTOR SR2          543SQN. 
XP330 Z       WHIRLWIND HAR10     230SQN. FLYPAST 
XS732 B       DOMINIE T1          1ANS 
WM739 20      SEA PRINCE          1FTS  R.N. MARKINGS 
XP817         BEAVER              132FLT.  A.A.C. 
XT868 153/VL  PHANTOM FG.1        767SQN.   FLYPAST 
XF384 72      HUNTER F6 
XS457         LIGHTNING T5        226 O.C.U. 
WK586         CHIPMUNK T10 
XP634 49      JET PROVOST T4                            SOLO FLYPAST 
XR67O 54      JET PROVOST T4                            FLYPAST 
XR672 43      JET PROVOST T4                            FLYPAST 
XP681 53      JET PROVOST T4                            FLYPAST 
XR700 46      JET PROVOST T4                            FLYPAST 

FU-28         F-84F               F.A.B.   2BW FLORENSE  (ex-52-7166) 
26+29         F-104G              W.G.A.F. JG36 
26+11         F-104G              W.G.A.F. JG36 
FX27          F-104G              F.A.B. 350SQN.        FLYPAST 
FX52          F-104G              F.A.B. 350SQN.        FLYPAST 
FX39          F-104G              F.A.B. 350SQN.        RESERVE 


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