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Horsham St. Faiths 1958

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Date: 20 September 1958

Made by: Ashley Annis


CANBERRA T4             WJ865
JAVELIN                 XA722
JAVELIN                 XA726
JAVELIN                 XA754
METEOR T7               WA721
METEOR F8               WH450
MOSQUITO TT35           TA709/F
PROVOST T1              WW425
PROVOST T1              XF841
SHACKLETON T4           WB819
SPITFIRE 19             PS853
SYCAMORE                XJ917
VALETTA T3              WJ461
VALIANT BK1             WZ393
HASTINGS                TG587
VULCAN B1               XA898

VARSITY T1              WL666/Q 	2 ANS
VARSITY T1              WL671/D 	2 ANS
VARSITY T1              WL683/K         2 ANS
VICTOR B1               XA929           10 SQN
VULCAN B1               XA911
VALIANT                 ?               90 SQN
F-100 SKYBLAZER         ?
F-100 SKYBLAZER         ?
F-100 SKYBLAZER         ?
F-100 SKYBLAZER         ?

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