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Farnborough 1988

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Date: September 1988

Made by: Alexis A

Updated: 8 February 2003, 17 July 2022 Joop de Groot

REG              TYPE                OPERATOR                  NOTES 
10               MIG-29A             Soviet air force 
162747           TAV-8B              USMC                      Coded SD 
188745           CF-188A             CAF 
188756           CF-188A             CAF 
53               MIG-29UB            Soviet air force 
84-23986         UH-60               USA 
86-68981         AH-64A              US Army 
86-8983          AH-64A              US Army 
87-0009          F-16C               Turkish Air Force 
87-0239          F-16C               USAF 
87-0729          OH-58D              US Army 
09212            Bo105 Hkp9          Swedish Air Force 
88003            SA-227              Swedish Air Force 
BX1              MIRAGE 2000N        AdlA 
C-401            Pilatus PC-9        Swiss AF 
ZG468            H-60 Blackhawk      RAF 
XW857            GAZELLE HT2         RAF 
XW886            GAZELLE HT2         RAF 
XX431            GAZELLE HT2         RAF 
XZ333            GAZELLE             AAC 
XZ347            GAZELLE AH1         RAF 
XZ939            GAZELLE HT3         RAF 
ZB629            GAZELLE             RAF 
ZB646            GAZELLE HT2         RAF 
ZB672            GAZELLE             AAC 
XX165            HAWK                RAF 
ZH200            Hawk                RAF 
XZ146            HARRIER             RN 
ZB604            HARRIER             RN 
XZ175            LYNX                RAF 
XZ203            LYNX                AAC 
XZ617            LYNX                RAF 
XZ729            LYNX                RN 
XZ732            LYNX                RN 
ZD249            LYNX                RAF 
ZF641            EH101 Merlin PP1    RAF 
XR504            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XR505            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XR507            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XR519            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XS679            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XV720            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XV722            WESSEX HC2          RAF 
XZ460            SEA HARRIER         RN 
ZA175            SEA HARRIER         RN 
ZD581            SEA HARRIER         RN 
ZD613            SEA HARRIER         RN 
XV650/CU-180     SEA KING AEW2       RN 849 sqn 
ZA127            SEA KING HAS5       RN 
ZA169            SEA KING HAS5       RN 
ZA295            SEA KING HC4        RN 
ZD626            SEA KING            RAF 
ZA446/F		 TORNADO GR1	     RAF 15sq
ZE251            TORNADO F3          RAF 
ZE295            TORNADO F3          RAF 
ZE339            TORNADO F3          RAF 
ZF142            TUCANO T1           RAF 
C-FCTD           DHC-8               Hamburg Airlines 
CC-PZF           T35 Pilan           Private 
CCCP-09329       AN-22               Aeroflot 
CCCP-82007       AN-124              Aeroflot 
D-0959           LO100 Zwergeiher    Private 
D-5793           LO100 Zwergeiher    Private 
D-CIMA           Do228               Private 
D-EIWZ           Fantrainer          Private 
D-HBNE           Kawasaki 117        Private 
EC-011           CN235               Binter Canarias 
EC-135           CN235 
ECT-130          C212 Aviocar        Private 
ECT-131          C212 
F-GEUL           Caravan 2           Private 
F-GFQN           Tampico             Private 
F-GFSZ           Robin ATL           Private 
F-GGFB           Be300               Private 
F-GGJZ           Robin R3000         Private 
F-GIDE           Da900               Private 
F-GMTO           Metroliner          Private 
F-WDMT           Microjet            Private 
F-WJZN           DR400 
F-WWAI           A320                Airbus 
F-WWDC           A320                Airbus 
F-WWEW           ATR-42              Avianova 
G-ACSS           DH88 Comet          Private 
G-BFJW           Bell 206            Private 
G-BFYA           MMB Bo105           Private 
G-BHCZ           PA38                Private 
G-BIBG           Sikosky S-76        Private 
G-BKLU           Gazelle             Private 
G-BLVV           Bell 206            Private 
G-BMFW           H369                Private 
G-BNHD           ARV 1               Private 
G-BNVF           Robinson R22        Private 
G-BOCD           Grob G115           Private 
G-BOCO           H269                Private 
G-BOEJ           Shorts 360          Private 
G-BOGI           Robin DR400         Private 
G-BOIT           Tobago              Private 
G-BOJN           SA-227 
G-BOLO           Bell 206            Private 
G-BOOV           AS355 Squirrel      Private 
G-BOPS           Squirrel            Private 
G-BOWW           BAe146              Air Wisconsin 
G-BOZO           AA-5 
G-BRMH           Bell 206            Private 
G-BSSM           Squirrel            Private 
G-BSTA           BAe146              B.A.E. 
G-BTPA           ATP                 British Airways 
G-BTUG           Rallye              Private 
G-CAYN           DO-228              Private 
G-DAFT           Squirrel            Private 
G-DOOZ           Squirrel            Private 
G-HFTG           PA23                Private 
G-HJET           Squirrel            Private 
G-KFDF           Bell 206            Private 
G-LUXE           BAe146              B.A.E. 
G-MTVZ           Raider              Private 
G-NUTZ           Squirrel            Private 
G-OAIM           H369 
G-OCHL           Bell 206            Private 
G-OJCB           Bell 206            Private 
G-OJFR           Bell 206            Private 
G-OJOR           Squirrel            Private 
G-OLGW           Shorts 360          Private 
G-OKAT           Squirrel            Private 
G-ONOW           Bell 206            Private 
G-OPOP           Enstrom F280        Private 
G-OSEB           Bell 222            Private 
G-PDES           SA365N Dauphin      Private 
G-PUME           Puma                Private 
G-RENT           Robinson R22        Private 
G-RASS           Bell 206L           Private 
G-RFTR           nn                  Private 
G-RSRS           Be400               Private 
G-TEMI           BN-2 
G-THJH           H369/H500           Private 
G-TURP           Gazelle             Private 
G-UTZY           Gazelle             Private 
G-WILD           Pitts Special       Private 
G-WWWW           Squirrel            Private 
HB-FKG           PC-6 Turbo Porter   Private 
HB-HEP           BRAVO 
HB-HOQ           PC-7                Private 
I-SQAL           Jet Squalus         Private 
LN-OSE           BO105               Private 
N1055C           Learjet             Private 
N125CH           SF-340              Chautauqua Airlines 
N24706           EMB-120             Continental Express 
N2500B           B206 
N30AJ            IAI1125             Private 
N32072           Bell 412            Bristows                  Also G-SPBA 
N351SR           B707                Private 
N370MT           Jetstream 31        Big Sky A. 
N413GA           Gulfstream IV       Private 
N49UR            CL601               Private 
N53FN            Learjet 35          Private 
N6003L           SA365K Panther      Private 
N657CC           Ce650               Private 
N86259           F280                Private 
N8728A           SPARROW HAWK        Private 
N9698F           Ce208               Private 
N9709F           Caravan 1           Private 
N980DC           MD-81UDF            MDD 
OK-TZA           Let410UP 9A         Private 
OO-COD           B206 
PH-MKH           Fokker 100          Fokker 
SE-IVE           C212                Private 
SE-KFV           AEROTEC             Private 
SP-DBR           Dromader            Private 
SP-DMA           MEWA                Private 

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