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North Weald 1967

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Date: 29 May 1967

Made by:


PS853 		Spitfire PR19 	BofB Flt
WZ458/"31"	Vampire T11 	(7728M0 with the local ATC Sqdn)
WZ876/F		Chipmunk T10 	London UAS
XF708/F		Shackleton MR3 	120Sqdn
XG540 		Sycamore HR14 	71MU (7899M)
XM215 		Lightning F1a 	226OCU
XN815		Argosy C1 	114/267Sqdns
XR540		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR992		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR993		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR994		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR995		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XR996		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XS111		Gnat T1		Red Arrows
XP619/40	Jet Provost T4 	2FTS
XS212/40	Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS213/46	Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS217/50	Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS222/43	Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS226/42	Jet Provost T4	CFS/Red Pelicans
XS609 		Andover C1 	46Sqdn
XS712/A		Dominie T1 	1ANS
XS726/B		Dominie T1 	1ANS
XS730/H		Dominie T1 	1ANS  
XS781           Bassett CC1 	SCS    
XT667/R         Wessex HC2 	72Sqdn
10567/AH-A      F-5A 		336Skv   
10569/AH-D      F-5A 		336Skv   
10570/AH-C      F-5A 		336Skv   
10577/AH-F      F-5A 		336Skv   
69241/AH-Y      F-5A 		336Skv   
Flying only:
64-0865		F-4C		81TFW
64-0867		F-4C		81TFW
64-0868		F-4C		81TFW

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