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Upper Heyford 1956

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Date: 19 May 1956

Made by: Peter A Rowlings


48-0014		RB-45C		47 BW	                
51-5214	        B-47E		97 BW	                
51-8244	        C-119C				"Leaping Leaner"
52-2679	        KC-97G		SAC	                
52-4053	        F-86D		FU-053		                
52-6738	        F-84F		FS-738		55FBS/20FBW	        
(52-1032)	OQ-19D		Drone, serial ?	
WJ403		Auster AOP6			Army Glider School	
WP235	        Vampier NF(T)10	G	                  
WP894	        Chipmunk T10			Bristol UAS       
WS777	        Meteor NF14			85 sqn            
WV317	        Hunter F4	S		247 sqn           
WV643	        Provost T1	N-O		2 FTS             
XB283	        Beverley C1			47 sqn            

52-6702		F-84F		

Other aircraft noted:
0-3121		C-47		
0-4600		C-47		
0-272489	C-54		
51-2055		B-47B		
51-2407		B-47E		
51-5217		B-47E		
		B-47		many not noted

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