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Sywell 1962

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Date: 14 April 1962

Made by:

Updated:  8 March 2022 by DAVID PEACE

D-EBKU		Bolkow 207
D-EBKY		Bolkow 207
F-BIMJ		Piel CP.301A Emeraude
F-BJVB		Scintex CP.301B Emeraude
F-WJHC		Sferma Marquiss (turbo Beech Baron)
I-MACM		Macchi AL.60B-2
N39997		Aeronca Chief
5N-ABS		PA-23 Apache 160
5N-AEB		PA-24 Comache
G-AAZP		Puss Moth
G-ACIT		Dragon
G-AFJR		Tipsy Trainer 1
G-AGZO		Dragon Rapide
G-AHMP		Proctor 1
G-AHNC		Tiger Moth
G-AIBH		J-1 Autocrat
G-AIGP		J-1 Autocraft
G-AIKR		AS. Consul 1
G-AIPH		J-4 Arrow
G-AJOT		Dove 1B
G-AJYB		Auster 5
G-AKEJ		Gemeni 1A
G-AKFU		Gemeni 1A
G-AKKH		Gemeni 1A
G-AKNN		Dragon Rapide
G-AKWS		Auster 5
G-AKZN		Proctor 3
G-AMGC		Tiger Moth
G-AMHF		Tiger Moth
G-AMYD		J-5F Aiglet trainer
G-AMZJ		Dove 1B
G-ANIS		Auster 5
G-ANJK		Tiger Moth
G-ANOO		Tiger Moth
G-ANRP		Auster 5
G-ANTE		Tiger Moth
G-AOBV		J-5P Autocar
G-AOEZ		J-5L Alpine
G-AORW		Chipmunk 22
G-APDY		Whirlwind Srs 2
G-APMJ		J-1U Workmaster
G-APPN		Tiger Moth
G-APTG		Chipmunk 22
G-APVA		PA-22 Tri Pacer 160
G-APXK		Piaggio P.166
G-APYG		Chipmunk 22
G-ARAV		Cessna 172
G-ARAW		Cessna 182
G-ARDO Jodel D.117 G-ARDP PA-22 Tri Pacer G-ARDV PA-22 Tri pacer G-ARED PA-23 Apache 160 G-ARFG Cessna 175A G-ARFX Saab 91A Safir G-ARGH Chipmunk 22 G-ARGI Auster 6A Tugmaster G-ARHP PA-22 Tri Pacer 150 G-ARHR PA-22 Tri Pacer 150 G-ARJI PA-24 Comanche G-ARKC Auster 6A Tugmaster G-ARLD Helio H.395 Courier G-ARLR Beagle Terrier G-ARLU Cessna 172 G-ARLY J-5P Autocar G-ARMK Cessna 310F G-ARMM Cessna 175 G-ARMP Cessna 172 G-ARMU Helio H.395 Courier G-ARNL PA-22 Colt 108 G-ARNO Beagle Terrier G-AROT Aermere F8L Falco G-AROU Queenair 65 G-ARRG Cessna 175B G-ARRU D.31 Turbulent G-ARSO L-40 Meta Sokol G-ARTB Mooney 21 G-ARTG Hiller UH-12C G-ARTK Cessna 310/Riley 65 G-ARTX Cessna 150A G-ARUF Hiller UH-12C G-ARUG J-5G Autocar G-ARUJ Piaggio P.166 G-ARUZ Cessna 175B G-ARVY Brantley B.2 G-ARWF Cessna 310G G-ARWL Cessna 182 G-ARWR Cessna 172 G-ARWS Cessna 175 G-ARXB Beagle Airdale G-ARXC Beagle Airdale G-ARXJ C-54B Skymaster Trans World Leasing G-ARXO Brantley B.2 G-ARYJ L-200 Morava G-ARYL Aero 145 G-ARZM D.31 Turbulent

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