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Coventry 1959

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Date: 11 July 1959

Made by: Martin Till, Bernard Martin


49-0973      KB-50J            A.A.R. DEMONSTRATION 
54-1469      F-101A            A.A.R. DEMONSTRATION 
XD676        JET PROVOST       C.F.S. 
XD678        JET PROVOST       C.F.S. 
XK716        COMET C.2         216 SQD. 
WR264 29     VAMPIRE 
9x           HUNTERs           111 SQD. (BLACK ARROWS ?) 

On Ground: 
TW641        AUSTER 
VF578        AUSTER 
VX113        AUSTER            IN AIR RACE 
XF908        PROVOST 
XK907        PROVOST 
VM367        ANSON 
VM326        ANSON 
VP974        DEVON C.1         Little Rissington 

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