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Bassingbourn 1978

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Date: 27/28 May 1978

Made by: Paul Carr, Tony Lowther, Dave Gathern, Keith Briggs, Eugène van der Meer, Graham C Evans

Updated: 13 September 1999

A-26 Invader           322612/R6-B (N3710G) 
Alouette III           M-030                                    RDAF 
Auster I               LB312/G-AHXE 
B-17G                  485784/G-BEDF 
Baron                  G-BFFG 
Beaver AL.1            XP778 
BN-2A                  G-BCMY 
BN-2A-III              G-BEDR 
Buccaneer S.2A         XT273 
Campbell Cricket       G-AXVK                                   BA 
Canberra T.4           WJ870 
Cessna 150             G-AYRP 
Cessna F.172           D-ECHE 
Cessna 210             G-ASWO 
CF-104G                104810,104839                            CAF/439sq 
Chipmunk 22            G-BBMY,G-BFAW, G-BBNC/WP790 
Chipmunk               WP837/L,WP964,WP970/T 
Comanche 259           G-BAHJ 
Commander 112A         G-BDIE 
Devon C.2              VP959/L 
Dragon Rapide          G-AHGD 
F.24 Argus             HB751/G-BCBL 
F-5E                   74-01549 
F-15A                  76-0027 
Firefly AS.5           WB271/J127 
Fiat G.46              unmarked/G-BBII 
Fokker S-11            PH-ACG 
Gazelle AH.1           XW847 
Gazelle HT.3           XW910/K 
Gladiator              L8032/G-AMRK 
Gnat T1                XP514,533,XR540,572,977,987,
			     XR991,993,XS101,107    			    Red Arrows 
Harvard                G-AZJD,BBHK,BDAM, FT229/G-AZKI, 
Hawk T.1               XX166/166, XX168,XX169/169 
Hercules C.1           XV179 
Hurricane IIc          PZ865/JU:Q 
L-4H Cub               G-BCNX 
Lightning F3           XP753/S                                  5sq 
Lynx HAS.2             XZ239/345 
Mosquito T3            RR299/HT-E 
Nord 1002              AT+BG/G-ATBG 
OV-10A                 83809                                    20TASS 
PA-18                  D-EMVY 
PA-28                  G-AYRM 
PA-28R                 G-BBFD,PH-MLP 
Pitts S-1              G-BBOH 
Provost T1             G-AWPH 
Pup                    G-AZSX 
Pup 2                  G-AXNR 
RF-4C                  65-0908 
Robin DR.400/180       G-NNMB 
Saab T-17              T-405                                    RDAF 
Scout AH.1             XT632 
Sea Fury FB.11         TF956/T123 
Sea King HAS.2         XV699/TG143                              826sq 
Seneca 200             G-BBXG 
Spitfire PR.19         PS853 
Stearman               G-AROY 
Tiger Moth             EM726/G-ANDE,G-ANFM 
Turbulent              G-APNZ,ARCZ,ARRZ,ARZM,ASAM,AWWT 
Wessex HC.2            XR523/AM,XT675/AR,XV719/AA 
Wessex HU.5            XT469/PO514 
Yak C-11               G-AYAK 
Zanussi Airship        G-BEPZ 

Balloons             G-BEEF (British Meat), G-BCZI (Motorway Tyres), G-BEJK (Esso), 
                     G-BERS (State Express 555), G-BETF (Champion Spark Plug), 
                     G-BFAB (Phonogram), G-BFOT (State Express 555)

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