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Lakenheath 1973

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Date: 18 August 1973

Made by: Alan Macey


MT-5,MT-15   	CM.170
56/312-BK       N.2501F     	GI 312
AT-153      	TF-35           Esk 729
2610,2611 	F-104G       	JBG 36
3306          	G.91R-3      	LKG 43
3427          	G.91T          	LKG 43
104829,104859  	CF-104  	439 Sq
XR749/Q       	Lightning F.6  	5 Sq
XP737           Lightning F.3  	226 OCU     
XR713/A         Lightning F.3  	111 Sq
XK149/44        Hunter F.6      229 OCU
XG160/30        Hunter F.6      229 OCU
XV795/F         Harrier GR.1   	1 Sq
XL425           Vulcan B.2      617 Sq    
XV190           Hercules C.1               
XS109/63        Gnat T.1        4 FTS
TE311           Spitfire                   
XV341           Buccaneer S.2A  12 Sq     
11150        	O-2A            7 SOS
67747/LN mlt   	F-4D            48 TFW
50775/LN mlt 	F-4D            48 TFW
152180/LM-5    	P-3A            VP-44
60131        	C-141A          437 MAW
37872/DB bl    	C-130E          463 TAW
136753      	C-1A            NAF M'hall
59922        	UH-1H           56 Av Det
17201        	UH-1H           56 Av Det

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