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Blackbushe 1964

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Date: 11 July 1964

Made by: Joe Barr


G-ABMR/J9941	Hawker Hart		Hawker Aircraft Ltd
G-ABUS		Comper Swift		A.J. Linnell
G-AFGK		M11A Whitney Straight	Aldenham Private Flying Group
G-AFLW		M.17 Monarch		M.F. Kirk
G-AFVR		GAL 42 Cygnet		T.F.W. Gunton
G-AGXU		Auster J/1 Autocrat	Hampshire School of Flying
G-AHUG		Taylorcraft Plus D	R.L Venning
G-AIRE		Taylorcraft Plus D	Lincoln Aero Club
G-AJLS		P28B Proctor 1		D.C.T. Bennett
G-AMAU/PZ865	Hawker Hurricane 2C	Hawker Aircraft Ltd
G-AMZO		DH87B Hornet Moth	L.C. Webb
G-ANDI		DH82a Tiger Moth	West London Aero Services Ltd
G-ANEH		DH82a Tiger Moth	Falcon Group
G-ANIS		Auster 5		L.V. Maize Transport Ltd
G-AOKO		P40 Prentice 1		G.Grimmett & J. Hilton
G-AOMK		P40 Prentice 1		A.F. Jarman & F. Harris
G-AOPL		P40 Prentice 1		T.D. Newman
G-APCY		Auster J/1N Alpha	C.P. Stevens & A. Osterley
G-ARJI		PA24 Comanche 180	G.D. Gilbert
G-ARKC		Auster 6A		F. Horridge
G-ASFW		Fairtravel Linnet 1	Fairtravel Ltd
HB-OWL		PA28 Cherokee 180

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