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Alconbury 1984

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Date: 28 July 1984

Made by: Adrian Pearce, Tom McGhee, Ian Powell, Ian Dennis Old

Updated: 1 August 2002

XV332/RS             Buccaneer S.2B           208 Sqn 
XX287                Hawk T.1                 63 Sqn 
XT902/M              Phantom FGR.2            29 Sqn 
XS219/06             Jet Provost T.3A         1 TWU 
XW434/126            Jet Provost T.5A         7 FTS 
XW301/63             Jet Provost T.5A         1 FTS 
01069                TR1A                     17 RW 
17975                SR71A                    Det 4, 9 SRW 
ZA373/373            Tornado GR.1             TWCU 
XX232                Hawk T.1                 4 FTS 
XS732/B              Dominie T.1 
ZD703                BAe.125                  32 Sqn 
26+69                F104G                    MFG-2 
26+76                F104G                    MFG-2 
WJ981/EN             Canberra T.17            360 Sqn 
XR757/AL             Lightning F.6            5 Sqn 
XZ129/06             Harrier GR.3             1 Sqn 
BR22                 Mirage 5BR               42 Sm 
XH673                Victor K.2               57 Sqn 
68-0529/RS r/bk      F4E                      86 TFW 
68-0467/RS r/bk      F4E                      86 TFW 
68-0054/UH bl        F111E                    20 TFW 
XV233                Nimrod MR.2              42 Sqn 
KG374                Dakota 
FA83                 F16A                     31 Sm 
FA48                 F16A                     31 Sm 
79-0053/BT y         F15C                     36 TFW 
68-0555/AR           RF4C                     10 TRW 
74-01543             F5E                      527 TFTAS 
80-0146/WR           A10A                     81 TFW 
10651                CT39A                    58 MAS 
61+20                Atlantic                 MFG-5 
AT-154               TF-35 Draken             RDAF, Esk725 
80-0563/HR rwbl      F16A                     50 TFW 
XL426                Vulcan B.2 
35+44                RF4E                     AkG-51 
35+46                RF4E                     AkG-51 
69-0369/AR           RF4C                     10 TRW 
72-0146/AR           RF4C                     10 TRW 
74-01549             F5E                      527 TFTAS 
XP749/BK1            Lightning 11 Sqn 
81-960/WR r          A10A                     81 TFW 
79-219/WR bl         A10A                     81 TFW, also logged as 80-0219!
80-590/HR bl         F16A                     50 TFW 
68-077/UH            F111E                    20 TFW 
79-075/BT y          F15C                     36 TFW 
80-003/BT y          F15C                     36 TFW 
80-586/HR            F16A                     50 TFW 
XW419/125            Jet Provost T.5A         7 FTS 
XW922/K              Harrier GR.3             233 OCU 
XX339                Hawk T.1                 234 Sqn 
XX286                Hawk T.1                 1 TWU 
82-035/HR bl         F16B                     50 TFW 
XR718/BK2            Lightning                11 Sqn 
ZA598                Tornado GR.1             TWCU 

ZA598                Tornado GR.1T            45 Sqn 
68-0554/AR           RF-4C                    10 TRW 
68-0568/AR           RF-4C                    10 TRW 
68-0583/AR           RF-4C                    10 TRW 
68-0589/AR           RF-4C                    10 TRW 
01532/32             F-5E                     527 TFTAS 
01542/42             F-5E                     527 TFTAS 
01551/51             F-5E                     527 TFTAS 
01556/56             F-5E                     527 TFTAS 
01563/63             F-5E                     527 TFTAS 

PA474  SR-D          Lancaster 1              BoBMF 
P7350  SH-D          Spitfire IIA             BoBMF 
PZ865  JU-Q          Hurricane II             BoBMF 
WG655  GN-910        Sea Fury T.20            FAAHF 
RR299  HT-E          Mosquito T.3             BAe 
AR213  QG-A          Spitfire 1A 
MH434  ZD-B          Spitfire IX 
ML417  21T           Spitfire IX 
FS728                Harvard IIB 
FT323                Harvard IIB 
NX700H               F8F-2P 
N47201               FM-2 
N6340T  44-63221     P-51D 
G-TJET               T-33A 
G-BEDF  44-85784     B-17G 
NX1337A  133722      F4U-7 
N94466  SU-E         P-40E 

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