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Portland 1973

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Date: 14 July 1973

Made by: Dave Taskis

Updated: &bnsp;

XP143	650/PO		Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                
XT428	447	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Londonderry Flt
XT464	XE-VL	        Wessex HU.5	846 Sq                
XT790	503/PO	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                
XV700	666/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                
XW729		        KD2R-5 Shelduck	Fleet Target Group    

Around the base:
XM841	510/PO		Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS116	511/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS885	512/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS888	513/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XP159	514/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS881	515/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS868	516/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XM326	517/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XS120	520/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XP160	521/PO	        Wessex HAS.1	771 Sq                                                   
XP139	651/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                                                   
XM870	652/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                                                   
XM331	653/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                                                   
XS119	654/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                                                   
XP138	654/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq (also marked 654/PO)                              
XS122	655/PO	        Wessex HAS.3	737 Sq                                                   
XV646	660/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                                                   
XV647	661/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                                                   
XV668	662/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                                                   
XV649	663/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                                                   
XV675	665/PO	        Sea King HAS.1	737 Sq                                                   
XS538	430	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Achilles Flt                                      
XS542	441	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Falmouth Flt                                      
XS544	456	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Yarmouth Flt                                      
XS562	443	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Jupiter Flt                                       
XS564	466	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Argonaut Flt                                      
XS570	455	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Ariadne Flt                                       
XS572	464	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Danae Flt                                         
XT419	471	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Hero Flt (Fictional Frigate used in BBC TV series)
XT424	465	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Juno Flt                                          
XT434	463	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Cleopatra Flt                                     
XT438	472	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Andromeda Flt                                     
XT794	427	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Ashanti Flt                                       
XV632	445	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Plymouth Flt                                      
XV636	450	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq Sirius Flt                                        
XT781	614	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq HQ Flt                                            
XT423	615	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq HQ Flt                                            
XT793	616	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq HQ Flt                                            
XV629	617	        Wasp HAS.1	829 Sq HQ Flt                                            
XT439	500	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                                                   
XT427	502	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                                                   
XS531	504	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                                                   
XS569	505	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                                                   
XV622	506	        Wasp HAS.1	703 Sq                                                   

WT809			Hunter GA.11	FRADTU          
XM603		        Vulcan B.2	Waddington Wing 
XV255	55	        Nimrod MR.1	42 Sq           
XW220	DD	        Puma HC.1	230 Sq          
PZ865	DT-A	        Hurricane	BoB Flt         
VP974		        Devon C.1                       
TF956	123/T	        Sea Fury FB.11	FAA Historic FLt
WJ636		        Canberra TT.18	FRADTU          
WB271		        Firefly		FAA Historic Flt
LS326	5A	        Swordfish	FAA Historic Flt
XX510		        Lynx                            
XR998	47	        Gnat T.1	4 FTS           

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