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Upper Heyford 1970

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Date: 29 August 1970

Made by: J. Price-Stevens, Martin Till


O-53616           F-100D             77TFS/20TFW 
14716             HH-3E              67ARRS   WOODBRIDGE 
24533             HH-43B 
24535             HH-43B 
0-91565           HH-43B             40ARRS   ALCONBURY 
37799    PG       C-130E             778TAS/464TAW 
41073    AR       RF-4C              1TRS/10TRW 
0-49420           VC-47D             513TAW/7513ABS 
O-77214           C-47               513TAW             IN HANGER 
0-53614           F-100D                                IN HANGER 
37808    LM       C-130E 
0-53690           F-100                                 FLYING 
0-53692           F-100                                 FLYING 
0-62963           F-100                                 FLYING 
0-62981           F-100                                 FLYING 
0-62974           F-100                                 FLYING 
41060             RF-4C              32TRS/10TRW 
41034             RF-4C              32TRS/10TRW 
41067             RF-4C              32TRS/10TRW 
41068             RF-4C              32TRS/10TRW 
FC-06             TF-104G            31ESC. 10JB WING 
FX-29             F-104G             31ESC. 10JB WING 
104776            CF-104G            430SQN. 
104813            CF-104G            430SQN. 
32+96             G-91R              KG 43 
33+08             G-91R              KG 43 
XM609             VULCAN B.2 
XW295    88       JET PROVOST T.5    3FTS.              RED PELICANS 
XR667    51       JET PROVOST T.5    3FTS.              RED PELICANS 
XR651    53       JET PROVOST T.5    3FTS.              RED PELICANS 
XR676    52       JET PROVOST T.5    3FTS.              RED PELICANS 
XR679    50       JET PROVOST T.5    3FTS.              RED PELICANS 
XR747    K        LIGHTNING F.6      23 SQN. 
XR763    B        LIGHTNING F.6      11 SQN. 
WD347    03       CHIPMUNK  T.10     CFS.               SKYLARKS 
WB684    10       CHIPMUNK  T.10     CFS.               SKYLARKS 
WP807    15       CHIPMUNK  T.10     CFS.               SKYLARKS 
         09       CHIPMUNK  T.10     CFS.               SKYLARKS 
XG161    55       HUNTER  F.6        234 SQN./229 OCU 
XF387    48       HUNTER  F.6        63 SQN./229 OCU 
WP803    D        CHIPMUNK T.10      OXFORD  UAS 
WD285             CHIPMUNK T.10      OXFORD  UAS 
P7350    ZH-T     SPITFIRE 

F-100s on base: 

F-100s split in half: 
0-62987,0-53679,0-63990, +1 MORE 

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