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Prestwick 1975

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Date: 14 June 1975

Made by: John Tolland


Sea King HAS Mk.1s      XV711 PW/01  		819 Sdn
				XV656 PW/02  		819 Sdn
				XV695 PW/03 		819 Sdn
				XV661 PW/05  		819 Sdn
				XV707 PW/10  		819 Sdn
C-141A                  65-9409  			438 MAW. 
Buccaneer S Mk.2A       XV163  			237 OCU. 
Sea Heron C Mk.20       XR441  			781 Sdn. 
F-104Gs                 FX-21  			1 Wing, The Slivers
				FX-25  			1 Wing, The Slivers
				FX-90  			1 Wing, The Slivers
Vulcan B mk.2           XM571  			35 Sdn
Phantom FG Mk.1s        XV574/B  			43 Sdn
				XV580/Q  			43 Sdn
				XV579/R  			43 Sdn 
Devon C Mk.2/2s         VP963  			207 Sdn
				VP965  			207 Sdn
G.91R-3                 3061  			WS.50, c/n 0321. 
Jaguar T Mk.2           XX839  			Y/226 OCU. 
Gnat T Mk.1             XS109  			63/4 FTS. 
C.160D                  5071  			Ltg.61, c/n D108. 
Gannet AEW Mk.3         XL471 R/043  		849 Sdn, VAW-124 badge just aft fuselage roundel. 
Jetstream T Mk.1        XX489  			SAL, awaiting delivery to RAF. 
Spitfire LF Mk.16E      TE311  			AU-Y/71 MU. 
Hercules C Mk.1         XV200  			LTW

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