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Leuchars 1972

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Date: 16 September 1972

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

Argosy C1           	XN817  		RAE. 
Canberra T19        	WH724/O		100 Sqn. 
Harrier GR1         	XV807/07	233 OCU. 
Hurricane 2C            LF363/LE-D	Historic Aircraft Flight. 
Jet Provost T5   	XW299/56	1 FTS
Jet Provost T5		XW302/61	1 FTS
Lightning T5        	XS417/Z		23 Sqn. 
Nimrod MR1          	XV255  		42 Sqn. 
Spitfire LF16E      	TB252/GW-H	Gate guard, ex Boulmer. 
Victor K1A          	XH645  		55 Sqn. 
Vulcan B2           	XL386  		230 OCU. 
Phantom FG1         	XT868/VL-153	PTF. 
Beaver AL1          	XP775  		15 Flight. 
RF-4C                   64-1007/AR	32 TRS 10 TRW. 
F-104G                  FX-68  		350 Sqn, The Slivers. 
F.27M                   C-6  		334 Sqn. 

Other aircraft on field: 
Argosy E1           	XR137  		115 Sqn. 
Basset CC1          	XS784  		207 Sqn. 
Devon C2/2          	VP956  		207 Sqn. 
Dominie T1		XS736/S
Hastings T5         	TG503  		SCBS. 
Lightning F6        	XR754/D		23 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1         	XV571/A		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1         	XV573/L		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1         	XV577/M		43 Sqn
Phantom FGR2     	XV403/A		54 Sqn.
Phantom FGR2     	XV434/G		54 Sqn. 
Varsity T1          	WF335/J		Fire pit, ex 6 FTS. 
Victor K1A          	XH619  		55 Sqn. 
Whirlwind HAR10  	XJ430		C Flight 202 Sqn. 
Whirlwind HAR10		XJ729		C Flight 202 Sqn. 
F-102A               	56-1314		57 FIS, Keflavik. 
F-102A			56-1418		57 FIS, Keflavik. 

Cadet TX3           	WT900  		ATC. 
Lightning F1A    	XM144/X  	23 Sqn. 
Lightning F1A    	XM178/Y  	23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR727/F  	23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR752/G  	23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR770/L  	23 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV576/D		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XT874/J		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV572/N		43 Sqn. 
Spitfire PR19       	PS915  		Ex West Malling. 
Phantom FG1         	XV587/R-005  	PTF. 
Phantom FG1         	XT857/VL-159  	PTF, 892 Sqn marks. 

Flying display: 
Andover C1          	XS611  		46 Sqn. 
Belfast C1          	XR370  		53 Sqn. 
Chipmunk T10        	WB567  		12 AEF. 
Chipmunk T10     	WB652		East Lowlands UAS. 
Chipmunk T10     	WD388		East Lowlands UAS. 
Chipmunk T10     	WK581		East Lowlands UAS. 
Chipmunk T10     	WP830		East Lowlands UAS. 
Dominie T1          	XS726  		CAW. 
Harrier GR1         	XV744  		233 OCU. 
Jet Provost T5   	XW301/60	1 FTS, The Blades. 
Jet Provost T5   	XW304/62	1 FTS, The Blades. 
Jet Provost T5   	XW311/69	1 FTS, The Blades. 
Jet Provost T5   	XW364/74	1 FTS, The Blades. 
Lightning F6        	XS935/J		23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR753/A		23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR760/H		23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR747/K		23 Sqn. 
Lightning F6     	XR756/M		23 Sqn. 
Nimrod MR1          	XV242  		Kinloss Wing. 
Phantom FG1      	XV584/I		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV578/O		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV575/C		43 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV585/P		43 Sqn. 
Spitfire 5B             AB910/QJ-J	Historic Aircraft Flight. 
Swallow TX1         	XS652  		662 GS. 
VC.10 C1            	XV104  		10 Sqn. 
Victor K1           	XA926  		57 Sqn. 
Vulcan B2           	XM603  		Waddington Wing. 
Gannet AEW3         	XL476/LM-763  	849 Sqn. 
Phantom FG1      	XV569/LU/---
Phantom FG1      	XV570 LU/---	*PTF,* wore '14' on nwd. 
F-111E                  68-0060/JT	77 TFS 20 TFW. 
F-104G               	FX-43		350 Sqn, The Slivers. 
F-104G               	FX-81		350 Sqn, The Slivers. 
F-104G                  D-8053  	322/323 Sqn. 

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