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Acklington 1962

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Date: 15 September 1962

Made by: Peter Nicholson


Gate Guardian:
TB252/RR-M      Spitfire LF.XVI

KF314           Harvard T.2B            A & A E E
PM631/AD-C      Spitfire PR.XIX         B oB Memorial Flight
TX226           Anson C.XIX             FTCCF
TX232           Anson C.XIX             23 Group
WF125/LM-935	Sea Prince C.1
WG260/N-G       Valetta T.3             RAFC
WG465           Chipmunk T.10           13 Group CF 
WJ728           Canberra B.2            231 OCU
WK815/R         Meteor F.8              Armament Practice Station Sylt
WR971/E         Shackleton MR.3         120 Squadron
WT485/G         Canberra T.4            231 OCU
WW425/O-G       Provost T.1             6 FTS
WZ515/12        Vampire T.11            8 FTS
XD817           Valiant BK.1            90 Squadron
XF420           Hunter F.6              DFLS
XH694           Javelin FAW.6           RAF Exhibition Flight
XP634/40        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XR441           Sea Heron               781 Squadron
XR654/44        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XR656           Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XR664/41        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XR666/59        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
57-0547/TR-547  T-33A Shooting Star	            

RA685/M         Lincoln B.2             151 Squadron
TA634/53        Mosquito TT.35          2 CAACU
WE188/T         Canberra T.4            231 OCU
WJ870/B         Canberra T.4            231 OCU
WT489           Canberra T.4            231 OCU
XH584/N         Canberra T.4            231 OCU
WJ815           Canberra T.7            58 Squadron
WJ890/C         Varsity T.1             RAFFC
WJ892/F         Varsity T.1             RAFFC
WL634           Varsity T.1             RAFFC
WL796/M         Shackleton MR.2C        204 Squadron
WZ404           Valiant B(PR)K.1        207 Squadron
ZA898           Vulcan B.1              230 OCU
XA932           Victor B.1
XD184           Whirlwind HAR.4         228 Squadron
XD217/616       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XD219/617       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XD220/618       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XD224/614       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XD226/615       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XD265/611       Scimitar F.1            736 Squadron
XE975/24        Vampire T.11            8 FTS
XF892           Provost T.1             6 FTS
XM970/G         Lightning T.4           Lightning CS
XN404           Britannia C.2           99/511 Squadrons
XN603/7         Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XN605/9         Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XP638/42        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XP662/45        Jet Provost T.4         6 FTS
XN850           Argosy C.1              114 Squadron
XR395           Comet C.4               216 Squadron

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