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Duxford 1982

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Date: 5 September 1982

Made by: Nigel Burch, Air Britain


G-AENP/K5414 	Hind
G-AEPH/D8096 	F2B Fighter
G-AGTO 		Autocrat
G-AHSA/K3215 	Tutor
G-AJRS/P6382 	Magister
G-ANKT/T6818 	Tiger Moth
G-KYAK 		Yak-C11
XM597 		Vulcan B2
XZ132/36 	Harrier GR3
ZA673/FG 	Chinook HC1

Pleasure Flights:
G-AMPO 		Dakota

C-GOZA 		Dakota            
G-AOTI          Heron             
G-BILA          DM-165L           
G-BKGL          Beech D18S        
G-BKGM          Beech D18S        
G-JETT          CT-133 Silver Star
G-PTWO/U-110 	P2-05

G-ATKX 		D140C      
G-ATOI          PA-28-140  
G-ATSY          WA41       
G-ATTG          PA-28-140  
G-ATVW          D62B       
G-AVLD          PA-28-140  
G-AXPN          Pup        
G-AYML          PA-28-140C 
G-AYYN          PA-28R-200D
G-AZVR          CeF150L    
G-BALF          DR400/140  
G-BAOM          MS880B     
G-BBCS          DR400/140  
G-BBEC          PA-28-180  
G-BDRE          AA-1B      
G-BEBZ          PA-28-151  
G-BEZR          CeF172M    
G-BFKN          PA-23-250F 
G-BFOD          CeF182Q    
G-BFRC          AA-5A      
G-BFTG          AA-5B      
G-BGBT          P-68B      
G-BGPH          AA-5B      
G-BGVS          CeF172M    
G-BHDT          TB-10      
G-BHFK          PA-28-151  
G-BHIC          CeF182Q    
G-BHOL          DR1050     
G-BHVB          PA-28-161  
G-BHYD          CeR172K    
G-GOSS          DR221      
G-HIFI          PA-28R-201 
G-OROY          P-68B      
G-RAMS          PA-32R-301 
G-TUKE          DR400/160  
N500LN          Howard 500 

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