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Woodford 1996

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Date: 22 June 1996

Made by: Kevin Hall

Updated: 5 November 2004

XS710/O            Dominie T1             3 FTS 
ZD703              BAe 125 CC3            32(R)SQN 
ZG755/BJ           Tornado F3             29 SQN 
ZE758              Tornado F3             56(R)SQN 
45+43              Tornado                GN MFG2 
E122/8-NF          Alpha Jet              FAF EC02.008 
E124/8-NB          Alpha Jet              FAF EC02.008 
A-350              Alouette III           RNLAF 302 SQN 
B-48               Bo105CB                RNLAF 299 SQN 
R-01               AB-412SP               RNLAF S.A.R. FLT 
217                CM170 Magister         IAC 1 WING 
XX654/3            Bulldog T1             3 FTS 
XV663/CU-501       Sea-king HAS6          810 SQN 
ZA934/BZ           Puma HC1               230 SQN 
ZD477/H            Sea-king HC4           IFOR 845 SQN 
XR505/WA           Wessex HC2             2 FTS 
ZG861/93           Harrier GR7            3 SQN 
XX729/EL           Jaguar GR1             6 SQN 
ZA404/W            Tornado GR1A           2 SQN 
ZA409/FQ           Tornado GR1B           12 SQN 
XZ175/Z            Lynx AH7               671 SQN 
289                F-16A                  Norwegian AF 338 SKV 
689                F-16B                  Norwegian AF 338 SKV 
86/DD              Nord 262               FAF GE316 
XM370/10/G-BVSP    Jet provost T3A        Private 
843/H/G-BWKA       Hunter F58             Royal Jordanian HF 
VP-FBL             Twin-Otter             British Antarctic Survey 
G-BWFW             DV 20 Katana           Private 
G-BWIO             DV 20 Katana           Private 
G-AHKX             Avro 19 II             BAe 
XM603              Vulcan                 603 Club 
18013/G-TRIC       Chipmunk               Private 
20310/G-BSBG       Harvard 4              Private 

Southside (Flightline): 
ZF417              Tucano T1              1 FTS 
ZF446              Tucano T1              1 FTS 
ZD993/723          Sea Harrier T8         899 SQN 
ZA322/B-50         Tornado GR1            TTTE 
ZA321/B-58         Tornado GR1            TTTE 
597 wh             Su-27 Flanker       	  Russian AF (1010102)
45+59              Tornado                GN MFG2 
219                CM170 Magister         IAC 1 WING 
J-018              F-16A                  RNLAF 
J-508              F-16A                  RNLAF 
XZ369/EF           Jaguar GR1B            6 SQN 
XX970/EH           Jaguar GR1A            6 SQN 
XZ108/A            Jaguar GR1A            16(R)SQN 
XZ103/P            Jaguar GR1A            41 SQN 
XV664/CU-81        Sea King AEW 2         849 SQN 
ZA599/FX           Tornado GR1            12 SQN 
ZD345/12           Harrier GR7            20(R)SQN 
ZD461/51           Harrier GR7            20(R)SQN 
ZJ201              hawk                   BAe 
XR516/WB           Wessex HC2             2 FTS 
XS677/WK           Wessex HC2             2 FTS 
XZ694/307          Lynx HAS3              815 SQN 
ZD278/A            Lynx AH7               671 SQN 
ZA777/B            Gazelle AH1            Blue Eagles 
XZ317/R            Gazelle AH1            Blue Eagles 
XX385/X            Gazelle AH1            Blue Eagles 
XW904/HI           Gazelle AH1            Blue Eagles 
PZ865              Hurricane              BBMF 
PA474              Lancaster              BBMF 
SM832/G-WWII       Spitfire F.XIVE        The Fighter Collection 
MV293/G-SPIT       Spitfire FR.XIV        The Fighter Collection 
ML417/G-BJSG       Spitfire LF.1XC        The Fighter Collection 
TE566/G-BLCK       Spitfire LF.1XE        The Fighter Collection 
172/F-GKYD         CM170 Magister         Patrouille Cristaline 
201/F-GKYE         CM170 Magister         Patrouille Cristaline 
435/F-GKYH         CM170 Magister         Patrouille Cristaline 
G-JMAC             Jetstream 4100         Jetstream Aircraft 
G-IVEL             Fournier RF4D Glider   Private 
G-AVNZ             Fournier RF4D Glider   Private 
G-APRS             Twin Pioneer 3         Air Atlantique 
G-LOFA             Electra                Air Atlantique 
G-AIDL             Dragon Rapide 6        Air Atlantique 
G-EAOU             Vicker Vimy replica    Private 
F-GMEA/1           PC-7                   Patrouille Ecco Team 
F-GMEB/4           PC-7                   Patrouille Ecco Team 
F-GMEC/2           PC-7                   Patrouille Ecco Team 
F-GMED/3           PC-7                   Patrouille Ecco Team 
N505JV             Boeing Stearman        Crunchie Team 
N707TJ             Boeing Stearman        Crunchie Team 
N5497Z             Boeing Stearman        Crunchie Team 
JY-RNA             Extra 300              Royal Jordanian Falcons 
JY-RNE             Extra 300              Royal Jordanian Falcons 
JY-RNF             Extra 300              Royal Jordanian Falcons 
EI-ABI             DH Dragon              Air Lingus 
G-OEDF             ATP                    BAe 
G-BUWM             ATP                    SATA c/s 
G-OEDJ             ATP                    (between hangars) 

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