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Farnborough 1998(1)

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Date: 21 May 1998

Made by: Alexis Antonakis


Reg              Type          Sub       C/N         Comments 
                 EUROFIGHTER                         Mockup In Static 
G-ANNG           DH-82         A         85504       Flypast @1600 & Static 
G-BBKX           PA-28         180       7305581     Flypast @1603 & Static 
G-BKMD           SC-7          3A-100    SH-1907     Parachute drop @1640 
G-BOAE           CONCORDE      102       212         BRITISH AIRWAYS Arr 1700 Dep 1820 
G-BTAB           125           800B      258088      Outside N shed 
G-BXBT           AS355                               'Ascot 1697' Arr 1355 Dep 1415 
G-HFIX           SPITFIRE      HF.IXe    CBAF.7243   RAF 'G-HFIX' codedMJ730 Flypast @1608 
G-HPAA           BN-2          2B-20     R2244       O/H 1545 
G-RLMC           C421          C         0118        Outside N shed 
G-TCDI           125           F403B     25248       Outside N shed 
KF183            HAVARD        IIb       14A-1885    'Havard' Flypast @1605 
N177CE           C177          RG        1308        In N shed 
N2989Q           C421          A         421A-0089   In N shed 
WH734            CANBERRA                B2 mod      RAE  'Keeper?12/Canberra' Flypast @1612 
WL419            METEOR                  T.7         Martin Baker  'Meteor' Flypast @1610 
WT309            CANBERRA                            RAE  Nose only In Oshed 
WV383            HUNTER                  T.7         RAE  'Hunter?' Flypast@1618 
XS596            748           C1PR      1574        UK Open Skies  In Static 
XS606            748           C1        13          RAE  Flypast @1620 
XV344            BUCCANEER     S.2C      B3-22-66 ?  Preserved 
XW241            SA330         E         08          Stored 
XW566            JAGUAR        B         B08         RAE  In Static 
XW897            SA342         AH.1      1178        AAC  In Static  Dep 1700 
XW934/Y          HARRIER       T.4       212017      Preserved 
XX105            111           201AC     008         RAE  Flypast @1624 
XX475            HP-137        T2        206         DERA West Freugh 'Teambird 01' Dep 1055 
XZ665            LYNX          AH7       224         AAC  Flypast @1615 
ZD345            HARRIER       GR7       P12         RAF  Coded 12 'WIT02/Harrier'Flypast@1625 
ZE432            111           479FU     250         ETPS  In Static 
ZG706            TORNADO       GR.1A     3389        In Static 
ZG989            BN-2          CASTOR    R2140       AAC  'Vectus 1'  In Static Dep 1745 
ZJ139            AS355         F/HCC.1   5325        RAF  'Ascot 1302' Arr 1020 
ZJ140            AS355         F/HCC.1   5303        RAF  'Ascot 1341' Arr 1050 
                 HUNTER                              Flypast @1130 
                 HUNTER                              Flypast @1130 
                 JAGUAR                              Flypast @1130 
                 TORNADO                             Flypast @1130 
                 TORNADO                             'Tornado' Flypast @1621 
                 JAGUAR                              Flypast @1622 

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