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Sunderland 1997

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Date: 2/3 August 1997

Made by: Kevin Hall


All aircraft were logged at Newcastle Airport.
FA-118 		F-16A  		  FAB 2Wing
FA-132 		F-16A  		  FAB 2Wing
J-364  		F-16A 		  Klu 323 SQN
J-878  		F-16A 		  Klu 323 SQN
L-02  		PC-7 		  Klu EMVO
L-09  		PC-7 		  Klu EMVO
ZD434/46 	Harrier GR7 	  20(R) SQN
ZD345/12 	Harrier GR7 	  20(R) SQN
XV295 		Hercules C1 	  LTW
XZ693/301 	Lynx HAS3S 	  815 SQN
XX226 		Hawk T1  	  74(R) SQN
XX244 		Hawk T1  	  74(R) SQN
XX745/D 	Jaguar GR1A 	  16(R) SQN
ZA297/YC  	Sea King HC4  	  845 SQN
ZH796/VL715  	Sea Harrier F/A2  899 SQN
ZE808/FA 	Tornado F3 	  25 SQN
ZE737/FF 	Tornado F3 	  25 SQN
ZA322/B50 	Tornado GR1 	  TTTE
ZA321/B58 	Tornado GR1 	  TTTE

And the Red Arrows with Hawk T1/T1As:
XX307, XX308, XX264, XX294, XX306, XX233, XX252, XX227, XX266, XX253,

Support on the 1st and 4th August was:
CF-04  		Merlin IIIA  	  FAB 21 Sml

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