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Cottesmore 1973

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Date: 15 September 1973

Made by: John Dyer


K-685 		C-47 RDAF 	Esk721
A-010 		Draken A35XD RDA Esk725
64-1083/AR 	RF-4C 		USAF 10TRW
XP349 		Argosy E1 	115Sqdn
XS774 		Bassett CC1 	32Sqdn
XS770 		Bassett CC1 	207Sqdn
XV165 		Buccaneer S2A 	12Sqdn
WK111/B 	Canberra T17 	360Sqdn
WG486/E 	Chipmunk T10 	Bristol UAS
WB271/R-204 	Firefly AS5 	RN
XS104/44 	Gnat T1 	4FTS
LF363/LE-D 	Hurricane IIC 	RAF
XN508/32 	Jet Provost T3 	1FTS
XR768/P 	Lightning F6 	5Sqdn
XV496 		Phantom FGR2 	41Sqdn
XW199/CY 	Puma HC1 	240OCU
XW234 		Puma HC1 	RRE Pershore
TF956 		Sea Fury FB11 	RN
XT558 		Sioux AH1 	663Sqdn
P7350/ZH-T 	Spitfire IIA 	RAF
XS859 		Swallow T45 	644VGS
LS326/5A 	Swordfish 	RN
XH614 		Victor B(K)1A 	55Sqdn
XL361 		Vulcan B2 	233OCU
XS513/VL-W-S 	Wessex HU5 	707Sqdn
XK969 		Whirlwind HAR10 202Sqdn A Flt

Hangar Display:
G-ARZB 		WA116
"D3419" 	Sopwith Camel 	replica
XE670 		Hunter F6 	71MU (nose only)
XG151/G 	Hunter FGA9 	45Sqdn
SM411/AU-Y 	Spitfire 	71MU

Canberra hangar:
WD944 		Canberra T4 	98Sqdn
WH646/G 	Canberra T17 	360Sqdn
WH664/H 	Canberra T17 	360Sqdn
WH983/3 	Canberra E15 	98Sqdn
WJ977/R 	Canberra T17 	360Sqdn
WT482 		Canberra T4 	231OCU
WT483 		Canberra T4 	231OCU

1x		CF-104D		CAF
3x		CF-104G		CAF
A-003           Draken A35XD 	RDAF Esk725
A-006           Draken A35XD 	RDAF Esk725
A-011           Draken A35XD 	RDAF Esk725
A-014           Draken A35XD 	RDAF Esk725
11x		CM170		Patrouille de France
68-0080/UH 	F-111E 		USAF 20TFW
XS596 		Andover C1 	46Sqdn       
XR137           Argosy E1 	115Sqdn       
XR365           Belfast C1 	53Sqdn       
XL639           Britannia C1 	99/511Sqdns
WE192           Canberra T4 	231OCU      
WH863/L 	Canberra T17 	360Sqdn
WH948/8         Canberra E15    98Sqdn 
WH972/2         Canberra E15    98Sqdn 
WJ565/C         Canberra T17    360Sqdn
WJ633/F         Canberra T17    360Sqdn
WJ756/6         Canberra E15    98Sqdn 
WK102/A         Canberra T17    360Sqdn
WT488/Y         Canberra T4 	231OCU  
XH168 		Canberra PR9 	39Sqdn        
WD289           Chipmunk T10    Manchester UAS
WD365           Chipmunk T10    Manchester UAS
WK522/5 	Chipmunk T10    10AEF         
WK555 		Chipmunk T10    Manchester UAS
WP835/D 	Chipmunk T10    Bristol UAS   
XS713/C         Dominie T1 	6FTS
XS729/G         Dominie T1 	6FTS
XS731/J         Dominie T1 	6FTS
XS106/36 	Gnat T1 	4FTS
XV759 		Harrier GR1 	233OCU
XV179 		Hercules C1     LTW   
XG130/A 	Hunter FGA9     45Sqdn
XG207/R         Hunter FGA9     58Sqdn
XG261/C         Hunter FGA9     45Sqdn
XK137/D         Hunter FGA9     45Sqdn
XP558/20 	Jet Provost T4 	CAW "Macaws"
XP672/25 	Jet Provost T4 	CAW "Macaws"
XR667/P 	Jet Provost T4 	6FTS
XR672/V 	Jet Provost T4 	6FTS
XR701/26 	Jet Provost T4 	CAW "Macaws"
XR704/28 	Jet Provost T4 	CAW "Macaws"
XM147 		Lightning F1A 	Wattisham TFF        
XM192           Lightning F1A 	Wattisham TFF        
XV244           Nimrod MR1 	Kinloss Wing            
4x		Phantom FGR2	228 OCU
XJ322           Sea Devon C20 	Yeovilton Station Flt
WJ910/S 	Varsity T1 	6FTS
WJ944/Y 	Varsity T1 	6FTS
XV104 		VC10 C1 	10Sqdn          
XM718           Victor SR2 	543Sqdn      
XL388           Vulcan B2 	233OCU        

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