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St. Mawgan 1996

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Date: 31 July 1996

Made by: Strobe, Kevin Hall


E-174 		F-16A		RDAF Esk730
E-192 		F-16A		RDAF Esk730
81 		Xingu  		FrN 52S
61+16  		Atlantic  	GN MFG3
MM54498/61-44	MB-339		AMI 61BA
MM54518/61-70	MB-339		AMI 61BA
81-0956/SP	A-10A		52 FW / 81 FS
81-0988/SP	A-10A		52 FW / 81 FS
84-0109   	C-21A  		76 AS
59-1507  	KC-135R  	22 ARW
XS738/U		Dominie T1 	3 FTS
XX351/DP	Hawk T1A  	208(R)SQN
XV210  		Hercules C-1  	LTW
XX497/E		Jetstream T1 	45(R)SQN
XX481/560 	Jetstream T2  	750 SQN
XV248 		Nimrod MR 2  	120 SQN
XV656/180	Seaking AEW 2 	849 SQN
ZH544  		Seaking HAR 3A  22 SQN
ZA393/BE	Tornado GR1  	14 SQN
ZA559/F		Tornado GR1  	15(R)SQN
ZE887/DJ	Tornado F3    	11  SQN
ZF169  		Tucano T1  	1FTS
XL602/G-BWFT	Hunter T.8M 	Private
XZ995/3G	Harrier GR3  	on display with VAS

140118  	CP-140		CF 407 Sqn
E134/8-MA	Alpha Jet   	FrAF ET01.008
E166/8-MR	Alpha Jet   	FrAF ET01.008
622   		Lynx HAS.2(FN)	FrN 34F
XX538/18   	Buldog T.1	CFS 		spec c/s
XX638   	Buldog T.1	CFS 		spec c/s
XX655/B		Bulldog T.1	Bristol UAS
XX385/X		Gazelle AH1	670 Sqn (Blue eagles)
XX405/C1	Gazelle AH1	670 Sqn (Blue eagles)
XZ317/R		Gazelle AH1	670 Sqn (Blue eagles)
ZA777/B		Gazelle AH1	670 Sqn (Blue eagles)
XZ942/42	Gazelle HT2 	705 Sqn
XW853/53	Gazelle HT2 	705 Sqn
ZD431/43	Harrier GR7  	20(R)Sqn
ZD463/53	Harrier GR7  	20(R)Sqn
XX244  		Hawk T1     	19(R)Sqn
XV292  		Hercules T1 	LTW
XL564  		Hunter T.7    	ETPS
XH568  		Canberra B.2/6  Private (G-BVIC)
ZH128  		Vigilant T.1	624VGS
ZF446  		Tucano T.1    	1FTS
XX172  		Hawk T.1  	St Athans station flight
XZ385  		Jaguar GR1A  	16(R)Sqn
XX846/GV	Jaguar T2A	54 Sqn
ZA167/825	Seaking HAR 5   771 Sqn
ZA141/B		VC-10K2   	101 Sqn
XZ675/E		Lynx AH7   	671 Sqn (Blue eagles)
XZ641/G		Lynx AH7   	671 Sqn (Blue eagles)
XL573  		Hunter T.7  
XE665/VL876	Hunter T.8C
XF357/VL871	Hunter T.8C
XE685/VL861	Hunter GA.11
XE689/VL864	Hunter GA.11
J-4058/G-BWFS	Hunter F.58
6247  		MiG-15  	(G-OMIG)  Private
XG775/VL	Vampire T.55	(G-DHWW)
WE402		Venom  FB50
G-VENI		Venom  FB50
J-1573/G-VICI	Venom  FB50
WR410/G-BLKA	Venom FB.54
WZ589/G-DHZZ	Vampire T.55
XE895 		Vampire T.55

Flying Only:
XV244  		Nimrod MR2    	Kinloss S/W

XV720  		Wessex HC2   	SARTU
XZ597 		Seaking HAR 3
ZE368 		Seaking HAR 3
ZE369 "ZE368" 	Seaking HAR 3	   

Far side:
XZ589		Seaking HAR 3
XZ591/S		Seaking HAR 3

XL190  		Victor K2
WL756  		Shackleton AEW2

Gate Guard:
WL795/T		Shackleton AEW2

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