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Cranfield 1966

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Date: 19 June 1966

Made by: anonymous


D8096			Bristol Fighter F2B
F6314			Sopwith Camel
K8032			Gloster Gladiator
LA607			Tempest 2
RF342			Lincoln B2
VT935			Boulton Paul P111A
WG777			Fairey FD2
WH657			Canberra B2
WM994			Sea Hawk FB3
XF114			Swift Mk7
XG210			Hunter F6
XG452			Belvedere Mk2
XH587			Victor K1A
XP831			P1127
XP841			HP115
XR140			Argosy C1
XR222			TSR2
XR718			Lightning F3
XS790			Andover CC2
XT280			Buccaneer 2B
XR540			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR987			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR992			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR993			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR994			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XR995			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
XS111			Gnat T1			Red Arrows
9J-RAN			HS125
G-EBLV			DH60 Moth
G-EBMB			Hawker Cygnet
G-AFVR			Gal42 Cygnet 2
G-AHVV			Tigermoth
G-AIEY			Proctor 1
G-AISB			Tipsy Trainer 1
G-AKIF			Dragon Rapide
G-AMXW			Dove 2A
G-AMZT			Auster J/5F
G-APAL			Thruxton Jackaroo
G-APKY			Hiller 360 UH-12B
G-APRD			Hiller 360 UH-12C
G-APRU			MS760 Paris
G-APSO			Dove Mk5
G-AREY			Bellanca Cruisair
G-ARXI			Comanche 250
G-ARZB			WA116 Srs 1
G-ASOF			Beagle B206C
G-ASPA			Dove Mk8
G-ASRF			Jenny Wrenn
G-ASWB			A109 Airedal
G-ASWS			Aero 145
G-ATHL			WA116F Srs 1
G-ATIS			Cherokee 180C
G-ATKP			Beagle B206C
G-ATKX			Jodel D140C
G-ATLB			Jodel DR1050
G-ATLN			F172G Skyhawk
G-ATMH			Auster D5 Husky
G-ATMZ			Zlin Z256T

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