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Biggin Hill 1969

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Date: 15 May 1969

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

17/BF           N.2501F      
528/VB          CM.170       
536/VE          CM.170       
MM52-6013/46-37 C-119G   	46 AB
MM53-8098/46-67 C-119G          46 AB
MM6244	        G.91PAN
MM6261	        G.91PAN
MM6264          G.91PAN
XN849           Argosy                 
XR136           Argosy                 
XV864/326       Buccaner S2
WH903    	Canberra 	Nose only
XL500/BY-767    Gannet AEW3
XT859/R-001    	Phantom
XT869           Phantom        
XT875/157       Phantom FG.1
XJ350/820       Sea Devon
WJ350/VL-749    Sea Prince
XP919/706       Sea Vixen
WG511    	Shackleton 	Nose only
XV623/457    	Wasp 		(Nubian)      
XM331/PO-23     Wessex 		(737 sq)
XS119/27        Wessex HAS.3
XT475/N-CU      Wessex HAS3	(706 sq) 
XR486/QF        Whirlwind
XR296           SD1 drone              

Historic static display:
T9967/G-AKKR    Magister
E449/G-EBJE    	Avro 504
K4972    	Hart
XF690    	Provost  	(later became G-BGKA)
WL732    	Sea Balliol

G-AOLK    	Prentice      
G-AOZV          Chipmunk      
G-APNJ          C310          
G-APPL          Prentice      
G-ARCK          C175          
G-ARKK          PA22          
G-ARMP          C172          
G-AROW          Jodel 140     
G-ARUI          Terrier       
G-ARZU          Terrier       
G-ARZW          Currie Wot    
G-ASEB          Luton Minor   
G-ASHV          PA23          
G-ASHW          Dove          
G-ASLS          Auster 		(wreck)
G-ASOH          Baron         
G-ASRW          PA28          
G-ASSY          Turbulent     
G-ATAN          C206          
G-ATDA          PA28          
G-ATDH          GY80          
G-ATCL          PA28          
G-ATKT          C172          
G-ATXD          PA30          
G-ATXN          Kittiwake     
G-ATYZ          MS880         
G-AVLE          PA28          
G-AVHW          PA30          
G-AVJI          C172          
G-AVJP          Bensen Gyro   
G-AVKG          C172          
G-AVLI          PA28          
G-AVLK          Beagle 206    
G-AVLN          Pup           
G-AVOB          Jodel 250     
G-AVSP          PA28          
G-AVUZ    	PA28       
G-AVYZ          BAC111     
G-AWBG          PA28       
G-AWDA          Nipper     
G-AWLM          Bensen Gyro
G-AWED          PA31       
G-AWGK          C150       
G-AWGO          RF4        
G-AWGU          Bell 206   
G-AWGX          C172       
G-AWLE          C172       
G-AWLZ          RF4        
G-AWOZ          Airtourer  
G-AWRT          Airtourer  
G-AWRX          Pup        
G-AWSU          Falco      
G-AWTM          PA28       
G-AWTR          Be23       
G-AWTS          Be23       
G-AWUN          C150       
G-AWUO          C150       
G-AWWT          Turbulent  
G-AWYO          Pup        
G-AXAJ          Airtourer  
G-AXCL          MS880      
G-AXEZ          Macchi AL60
c/n S.130     	Nipper 		(unreg became G-AXLH)
F-BNLN    	SF260                          
F-BRDD          MS894                          
N1700           RF4 		(ex Trans-Atlantic flight!)
N16008          Riley Rocket                   
N6513V          Jet Commander                  
OO-HED          S205                           
OO-WIP          Dove                           
PH-AZL          C172                           
SP-PBN          Wilga                          

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