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Waddington 1999

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Date: 26/27 June 1999

Made by: John Heard, Phil Globe, Dave Turner, Andy Lewi

Updated: 8 February 2003

CM170R Magister, Belgian AF
One of the most extraordinary military trainers is the Fouga Magister. Although already quite old, the Belgians are still flying this machine and they are regular visitors at airshows. This MT36 is preparing for another demo.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

ZE395                BAe125 CC.3           32(TR)Sqn 
XS731/J              Dominie T.1           3FTS/55(R)Sqn 
XW851                Gazelle AH.1          847 Sqn 
ZJ241/L              Griffin HT.1          DHFS/60(R)Sqn 
ZD345/12             Harrier GR.7          4 Sqn 
ZD466/56             Harrier GR.7          4 Sqn 
XX247/CM             Hawk T.1A             100 Sqn 
XV292                Hercules C.1          LTW             arr Saturday evening 
XZ367/GP             Jaguar GR.3           54 Sqn 
XX500/H              Jetstream T.1         3FTS/45(R)Sqn 
XW227/AB             Puma HC.1             72 Sqn 
XV653/CU-513         Sea King HAS.6        810 Sqn 
XV704/CU-181         Sea King AEW.2        849 Sqn 
ZJ258                Squirrel HT.1         DHFS/705 Sqn 
ZA411/AJ-S           Tornado GR.1B         617 Sqn 
ZA471/AJ-K           Tornado GR.1B         617 Sqn         Camo 
ZE341/J              Tornado F.3           111 Sqn 
ET-207               F-16B MLU             723 Esk 
E-180                F-16A                 726 Esk         NATO 50 Year scheme 
45+01                Tornado               JbG-34 
43+53                Tornado               JbG-34 
J-063                F-16A MLU             322 Sqn         Mig Killer 
J-013                F-16A MLU             322 Sqn 
141                  Bell 412SP            720 Skv 
37419/19             JA-37                 F16 Wg 

Static (E.3 Parking area): 
XX654/3              Bulldog T.1           CFS 
XV228                Nimrod MR.2           42 Sqn          Special scheme 
XV249                Nimrod R.1            51 Sqn 
ZH101                Sentry AEW.1          8/23 Sqn 
ZF136                Tucano T.1            1FTS            Special scheme 
ZF341                Tucano T.1            1FTS 
XR810                VC-10 C.1K            10 Sqn 
140105/LQ-Y          CP-140                405 Sqn         Special scheme 
304                  P-3C                  MARPAT 
73-1047/7-047        F-4E                  171 Filo 
73-1048/7-048        F-4E                  171 Filo 
64-14843/OF          RC-135V               38th RS/55th WG 

Civil in static: 
G-BFEF               AB 47G-3B             Hields Aviation 
G-AJIU               Auster J/1            M.D. Greenhalgh 
G-BPIV               Blenheim IVT          Aircraft Restoration Co    as L8841/QY-C 
G-BONW               Ce152 II              Lincoln Aero Club 
G-BFPH               Ce F.172K             Linc-Air Flying Group 
G-AGZZ               DH.82A Tiger Moth     Charles Shea-Simonds 
BGA3393/705          Discus B              Trent Gliding Club 
G-BWLS               DV.20                 HOAC Flugzeugwerk 
G-PDOG               O-1E Bird Dog         N.D. Needham               as 24550/GP 
G-WIZY               R-22 Beta             Central Helicopters 
G-NTEE               R-44 Astro            Central Helicopters 
G-BWXP               T.67M-260 Firefly     JEFTS/Hunting Aviation 

Outside Hangar 1: 
43+58                Tornado               JbG-34 

Inside Hangar 3: 
WJ880                Canberra T4           SY Air Museum              nose only 
XM411                Jet Provost T3        SY Air Museum              nose only 
XN511                Jet Provost T3        SY Air Museum              nose only 
VP293                Shackleton T4         Avro Aircraft Her. Soc.    nose only 

Inside Hangar 5: 
XW664                Nimrod R1             51 Sqn 

ZH103                Sentry AEW.1          8/23 Sqn 
ZH104                Sentry AEW.1          8/23 Sqn 

WJ874                Canberra T.4          39(1PRU)Sqn     as VN799 
ZE356/Q/9060M        F-4J(UK)              BDRT 
ZD404/33             Harrier GR.7          20(R)Sqn 
ZD406/35             Harrier GR.7          20(R)Sqn 
XV195                Hercules C.1          LTW             support for Falcons 
XV215                Hercules C.1          LTW 
XX840/S              Jaguar T.4            16(R)Sqn 
XZ381/EC             Jaguar GR.3           16(R) Sqn       special c/s 
XP638/A/9034M        Jet Provost T.4       BDRT 
ZD249/642            Lynx HAS.3S           702 Sqn 
ZD251                Lynx HAS.3S           702 Sqn 
XV236                Nimrod MR.2           42 Sqn          grey c/s 
ZA355/TAA            Tornado GR.1          15(R)Sqn 
ZA322/TAC            Tornado GR.1          15(R)Sqn 
ZE294/AS             Tornado F.3           56(R)Sqn 
ZE369                Sea King HAR.3        202 Sqn 
ZH106                Sentry AEW.1          8/23 Sqn 
ZH107                Sentry AEW.1          8/23 Sqn 
MT36                 CM170R                33 sm           special c/s 
37423/23             JA-37                 F16 
37400/50             JA-37                 F16 
84002/842            Tp-84                 F7 
598                  Su-27P                Gromov Flight Res Inst 
595                  Su-27P                Gromov Flight Res Inst 
507/33-FA            Mirage F.1B           EC03.033 
5/33-FV              Mirage F.1C           EC03.033 
15/33-FJ             Mirage F.1C           EC03.033 
32/5-OJ              Mirage 2000C          EC02.005 
510/5-OQ             Mirage 2000B          EC02.005 
R157/61-ZW           C-160F                ET03.061        support for Patr de France 

Patrouille Suisse with F-5Es: 
J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3086, J-3087, J-3091 

Patrouille de France with Alpha Jets: 
E26/4, E81/8, E104/6, E120/9, E121/3, E138/0, E141/5, E151/7, E153/1, E158/2 

Frecce Tricolori with MB339PANs: 
MM54473/8, MM54475/1, MM54479/12, MM54480/7, MM54485/9, MM54517/3, MM54536/5, MM54542/10, MM54547/0, MM54551/2 

Civil on Far side: 
G-BIWW               AA.5 Traveler         Sandra's Flying Group 
G-PASC               Bo105DBS/4            Police Avn Services 
G-RORI               Gnat T.1              McCarthy Aviation 
G-KAXF               Hunter F.6A           Kennet Aviation        as XF515/R 
G-DELF               L-29A Delfin          Fast Jets Ltd          as 12 rd 
G-BIRD               Pitts S-1D            Denny Dobson Aeros 
G-VMPR               Vampire T.11          de Havilland Aviation  as XE920/D 
RA-02293             Yak-52                Skytrace Aerobatics 

Flying only: 
ZA947/YS-H           Dakota C.3            BBMF 
XX308                Hawk T.1              Red Arrows 
XX237                Hawk T.1              Red Arrows 
XX294                Hawk T.1              Red Arrows 
XX307                Hawk T.1              Red Arrows 
XX253                Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX306                Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX266                Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX292                Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
XX264                Hawk T.1A             Red Arrows 
LF363/US-C           Hurricane IIc         BBMF 
P7350/XT-D           Spitfire F.IIa        BBMF 

Visitors between 24-28 June: 
ZE395                BAe125 CC.3           32(TR)Sqn 
T-783                Da50                  Swiss AF VIP Flt 
MM62105/46-82        G.222TCM              46BA 
MM62122/46-23        G.222TCM              46BA 
XX233                Hawk T.1              Red Arrows 

Unknown location:
XX685/11	     Bulldog T.1	   CFS
XX156		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX233		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX253		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX264		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX266		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX292		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX294		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX307		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XX308		     Hawk		   Red Arrows
XM607		     Vulcan B.2		   gate guardian
G-AMPZ		     Dakota 
PM631/N		     Spitfire PR.19	   BBMF
ZE396		     BAe 125 CC.3	   32(TR)Sqn.

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