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Fairford 2013

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Royal International Air Tatto
Date: 20-21 July 2013
Update: 25 January 2023, Dennis Peteri; 28 March 2024,Stephen Byrne, Per Theeuwes;
CE-02 ERJ135LR 21sm  
FAB6750 R-99B 2°/6° GAV  
C-168 CL604 Esk 721  
M-513 EH101 Mk512 Esk 722  
40 Yellow An-2T Fixed Wing Sq  
CC-3 C295M TukiLLv  
NH-209 NH90 TTH 1.HK/HekoP  
5398/VF AS555AN EH03.067  
604/118-CF Mirage F1CR ER02.033 $
660/118-CY Mirage F1CR ER02.033  
1198/DDD SA330B 1 RHC  
4059/GBF SA342M 1 RHC  
10+25 A310-304 MRTT FBS BMVg  
98+35 Do228NG MFG3  
60+01 P-3C MFG3 $
83+20 Sea Lynx Mk88A MFG5 $
89+65 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
46+28 Tornado ECR AG51  
46+57 Tornado ECR AG51 $
729 EMB145H AEW&C 380 MASEPE    
603 An-26 MH 59. Sz.D. REB.  
253 C235M-100 101sq  
CSX62127 C-27J Alenia Aermacchi (MC-27J)
MM7299/4-41 EF2000 IX Gruppo CIO  
MM7314/36-37 EF2000 XII gruppo CIO  
345 C-130H 3sq  
G-273 C-130H-30 336sq $
J-002 F-16AM 323sq $
J-061 F-16AM 322sq  
Q-16 AH-64D 301sq  
T-264 KDC-10 334sq  
PH-CGN Do228-212 Kustwacht/Coast Guard  
557 G-IV 4sq  
23 C295M 13.Eltr  
1006 M-28B1R 44. BLM  
16710 C295MPA Esq502  
39834 JAS39D F7  
T-323 AS332M-1 RUAG  
ZE416 A109E QinetiQ/ETPS  
ZJ646 Alpha Jet A QinetiQ/ETPS  
QQ101 BAE146-RJ100 QinetiQ/ETPS  
ZK459/X Beech B200GT 45(R)sq  
ZZ173 C-17A 99sq  
ZH004 Defender T3 651sq  
ZK014/E Hawk T2 4(R)sq  
Nmk (XZ327) Gazelle AH1 travel exhibit  
ZJ707/O Griffin HT1 60(R)sq  
XZ729/MM-415 Lynx HMA8SRU 815sq  
ZH861/NL-10 Merlin HM! 820sq  
ZJ130/O Merlin HC3 28/78sq  
ZJ280/80 Squirrel HT1 DHFS  
ZA412 Tornado GR4 617sq $
ZD848/109 Tornado GR4 2sq  
ZJ803/BA Typhoon T3 29(R)sq $
ZJ934/QO-T Typhoon FGR4 3sq  
ZJ939/DXI Typhoon FGR4 XI(F)sq  
ZJ941/QO-J Typhoon FGR4 3sq  
ZK329/FH Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
Zk343/EA Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZA105/Q Sea King HAR3 203(R)sq  
ZA148/G VC10 K3 101sq  
ZH268/SA Vigilant T1 612 VGS  
ZE530/VS, ZE651/YC Viking T! 621 VGS  
ZZ330/G-VYGD Voyager KC3 10sq  
ZZ413 Wildcat HM2 700Wsq  
G-BVGH Hunter T7 ex XL573  
G-BWSG Jet Provost T5A ex XW324/U  
G-BWWWW Jetstream31 BAe systems  
G-BYCT L-29 ex DOSAAF 395142  
G-DLFN L-29 ex DOSAAF 294872  
G-LOSM Meteor NF11 ex WM167  
G-OHGA OH-6A ex USAR 69-16011  
G-OMHD Canberra PR9 ex XH134  
G-PROV (104) Jet Provost Mk52A ex Singapore 352    
G-RORI(XS111) Gnat T1 ex XR538/01  
G-TIMM Gnat 1 ex XP504  
G-UHIH UH-1H ex USAR 72-21509  
HB-RSC L-1049G Super Constelation Flyers  
N3000B T-6C Beechcraft  
Friend of RIAT section:
ZK020/K Hawk T2 4(R)sq $
HB-HZD PC-21 Pilatus  
Flightline other side:
H24 A109BA 1w $
FA-84 F-16AM 2w $
FA-129 F-16AM 2w  
10 L-39C Fixed wing sqn  
NH-214 NH90-TTH 1. HK/HekoP  
139/113-GR, 141/113-GT Rafale C EC01.007  
40 JAS39C MH 59. Sz.D. REB.  
CSX62219/RS-50 C-27J 311° Gruppo/RSV  
MM7306/RS-21 EF2000 311° Gruppo/RSV  
62228/14-03 KC-767A 8° gruppo  
Q-17 AH-64D 301sq $
Q-18 Ah-64D 301sq  
J-015 F-16AM 312sq $
J-196 F-16AM 313sq  
83 MiG-29A 1.ELT  
111 MiG-29A 1.ELT $
39209/209, 39220/220 JAS39C F7  
ZJ185 Apache AH1 662sq  
ZA674 Chinook HC2 18/27sq  
XZ179/W Lynx AH7 nn  
ZH542 Sea King HAR3 22sq  
ZK306/BT, ZK307/BU Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
ZF239/RA-F Tucano T1 72(R)sq $
ZF264/264 Tucano T1 72(R)sq  
SE-LRA Saab 2000 Saab  
Alpha Jets of EPA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E114/1/F-TERR, E46/2/F-UHRF, E95/3/F-TERQ, E166/4/F-UHRW
E73/5/F-TENE. E88/6/F-TELL, E163/7/F-TERB, E165/8/F-TERE
E158/9,F-TERF, E94/0/F-TERH
MB339A/PAN of the 313° gruppo/Frecce Tricolori:
MM55059/0, MM54538/1, MM55058/2, MM54534/3, MM55055/4
MM54480/5, MM54510/6, MM54539/7, MM54479/8, MM55054/9
PC-7(NC) OF the Pilotenrekrutenschule/PC-7 Team:
A-913, A-916, A-925, A-929, A-930, A-935, A-936, A-937, A-938, A-939
EA-300L, Royal Jordanian Falcons:
Flightline static side:
PA474/KC-A Lancaster B1 BoBMF  
ZA492 Tornado GR4 617sq $
ZD711 Tornado GR4 617sq (12sq mks)
F-WWMZ A400M Airbus Military  
G-BWMF Meteor T7 ex WA591  
G-PBYA PBY-5A ex canada 11005  
G-VLCN Vulcan B2 ex XH558  
OE-EAS/RB-37 F4U-4 ex 96995  
N6123C B-25J ex 44-86893  
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows:
XX219*, XX227*, XX242, XX245, XX264*, XX266*
XX311^, XX319*, XX322*, XX323*, XX325
Flying Only:
LF363/YB-W Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
TE331/4D-V Spitfire XVI BoBMF  
ZD951 Tristar K1 216sq  
G-BEDF B-17G ex 41-24485 20
G-XLEA A380-841 British Airways 20
CD-01 Falcon 900B 21sm 21
CE-03 ERJ145LR 21sm 22
E153 Alpha Jet A EPA20.300 21
R213/64-GM C-160R ET00.064 22
MM62245 Falcon 900EX 93° Gruppo TS 20
MM62184/46-49 KC130J 50° ruppo TM 22
T-729 Beech 1900D LTDB 22
T-783 Ce560XL LTDB 21
ZE701/td> BAe146 CC2 32(TR)sq 19
ZJ257/57, ZJ265/65 Squirrel HT1 DHFS 20-21
ZJ267/67 Squirrel HT1 DHFS 20-21
84-0085 C-21A 76th AS 21
YU-HHS SA341G nn 20
G-XXEB S76B Queens’ Flight 20
Hot!! That is one of the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Fairford 2013, the weather was stunning which resulted in great pictures. Also a talk of the day was the absence of the US defence aircraft due to the sequestration, not even the USAFE aircraft were on show. The 2013 RIAT was soon to be called the worst RIAT ever to be held and in numbers or exotic airforces it was indeed not quite overwhelming as well, even a lot of RAF types did not make it RAF Fairford.
The static was parked in the usual Fairford way, but even then the manage to squeeze a lot of jets in small areas, which made static photography nearly impossible.
On both show days the days started cloudy but in the afternoon the sun came out, on Saturday there was the treat of the British Airways A380 flying with the red Arrows which was done on Sunday with the A400M. A first for this air show was the flying display of the Italian KC-767A, but this edition also saw 2 last performances by the VC10 and the Tristar as they as due for retirement end of this year.
Anyway, let us hope the 2014 edition will make us kind of forget this one with a much better and larger show.

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