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Lee-on-Solent 1986

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Date: 19 July 1986

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

61+11		Atlantic		W. German Navy	     
XR244        	Auster Aop9     	Army
XZ432         	Buccaneer      		RAF
XX541		Bulldog T.1	        RAF 	             
G-SKYH		Cessna 172	        Private	             
G-BAVH		Chipmunk T.10	        Private	former WP975 
XS713		Dominie T.1	        RAF	             
26+60          	F104G         		West German AF
26+74          	F104G          		West German AF
67-122         	F-111E         		USAF
WB271		Firefly AS.6	        Royal Navy	     
XX387		Gazelle AH.1	        Army	             
XX396		Gazelle HT.3	        RAF	             
385		Harvard II	        Private	RCAF markings
EX280		Harvard II	        Private	             
FE992		Harvard II	        Private	             
EZ407		Harvard III	        Royal Navy           
XX234		Hawk T.1	        RAF                  
XX238         	Hawk              	RAF
XR443		Heron C.1	        Royal Navy           
WV382		Hunter GA.11	        Royal Navy           
PZ865		Hurricane II	        RAF                  
XM470        	Jet Provost      	RAF
XW330		Jet Provost T.5	        RAF                  
ZA110		Jetstream T.2	        Royal Navy           
XZ176		Lynx AH.1	        Army                 
XZ697		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy           
ZD263		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy           
XV228		Nimrod MR.2	        RAF                  
G-AZWD		Piper Cherokee	        Private              
G-DCAN		Piper Tomahawk	        Private              
G-DFLY		Piper Tomahawk	        Private              
G-BGSE		Pitts S2A	        Private              
G-BDUY		Robin DR400	        Private              
F904		SE.5A			Shuttleworth Collection	
WG655		Sea Fury T.20		Royal Navy	
ZA176		Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy	
ZD578		Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy	
WV903		Sea Hawk FGA.6		Royal Navy	    
WV908		Sea Hawk FGA.6	        Royal Navy	    
XV650		Sea King AEW.2	        Royal Navy	    
ZA169		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy	    
ZA291		Sea King HC.4	        Royal Navy	    
XT131         	Sioux              	Army
AB910		Spitfire V	        RAF	            
NF389		Swordfish II	        Royal Navy	    
G-AFWI		Tiger Moth	        Private	former BB814
G-HUEY		UH-1H			RAF Benevolent Fund	ex- Argentine Army AE-413
XS545		Wasp HAS.1		Royal Navy	
XS567		Wasp HAS.1		Royal Navy
XS570		Wasp HAS.1		Royal Navy
XM843		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XM868		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XM917		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XP151		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XP157		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS865		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS866		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS870		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS873		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS876		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS878		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS882		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS886		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS888		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy
XS514		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy
XT771		Wessex HU.5	        Royal Navy

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