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Wattisham 1989

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Date: 24 June 1989

Made by: David Warren, Jeff Middleton


XV163             Buccaneer S.2B            - 
WJ603             Canberra B.2              8664M 
ZA708/BK          Chinook HC.1              18 Sq 
XX436/CU39        Gazelle HT.2              705 Sq "The Sharks" 
XW886/CU48        Gazelle HT.2              705 Sq "The Sharks" 
XW868/CU50        Gazelle HT.2              705 Sq "The Sharks" 
XW895/CU51        Gazelle HT.2              705 Sq "The Sharks" 
XW864/CU54        Gazelle HT.2              705 Sq "The Sharks" 
XZ129/3C          Harrier GR.3              233OCU 
ZD380/14          Harrier GR.5              - 
XX245             Hawk T.1                  4 FTS 
XX196             Hawk T.1A                 1 TWU 
XE670             Hunter                    Nose only 
XL614/O           Hunter T.7                237 OCU 
XW369/9           Jet Provost T.5A          3 FTS 
XS230             Jet Provost T.5           ETPS 
XR718/DA          Lightning F.3             BDRF 
XS922             Lightning F.6             BDRF 
ZD263/PO-630      Lynx HAS.3                702 Sq 
XV228             Nimrod MR.2P              Kinloss Wing 
XV499/CF          Phantom FGR.2             228 OCU 
XV467/Q           Phantom FGR.2             92 Sq 
XV420/BT          Phantom FGR.2             56 Sq 
XV423/F           Phantom FGR.2             56 Sq 
XV472/A           Phantom FGR.2             56 Sq 
XV400/D           Phantom FGR.2             56Sq 
XV461/G           Phantom FGR.2             56Sq 
XV476/S           Phantom FGR.2             56Sq 
XT891             Phantom FGR.2             56Sq 
XT903/CM          Phantom FGR.2             228OCU 
ZE350/T           F-4J                      74 Sq 
ZE351/I           F-4J                     74 Sq 
ZE353/E           F-4J                      74 Sq 
ZE354/R           F-4J                      74 Sq 
ZE355/S           F-4J                      74 Sq 
ZE360/O           F-4J                      74 Sq 
XW27/DN           Puma HC.1                 230 Sq 
XJ319/CU-18       Sea Devon C.20            771 Sq 
ZD581/718         Sea Harrier FRS.1         899 Sq 
ZE418/-/502       Sea King HAS.5            810 Sq 
ZA602/AZ          Tornado GR.1              9 Sq 
ZE737/CE          Tornado F.3               5 Sq 
ZA142/C           VC-10 K.2                 101 Sq 
XR504             Wessex HC.2               22 Sq 
WK522             Chipmunk T.10             G-BCOU 
WK628             Chipmunk T.10             G-BBMW 
XF877/J-X         Provost T.1               G-AWVF 
MH434/            Spitfire IX               G-ASJV 
N6965             Tiger Moth                G-AJTW 
80-0072/WR y      A-10A                     81 TFW 
87-0230/TJ r/bk   F-16C                     401TFW 
87-0240/TJ r/bk   F-16C                     401TFW 
188757            CF-18A                    CAF/1stCAD 
188759            CF-18A                    CAF/1stCAD 
188922            CF-18B                    CAF/1stCAD 
AT-158            Sk.35XD                   Esk725 
E-194             F-16A                     Esk727 
ET-206            F-16B                     Esk730 
502/330-AZ        Mirage 2000B              CEAM 
J-628             F-16A                     306 Sq 
43+14/G-72        Tornado                   TTTE 
434602/BC-602     A-26 
473877/N-AJ       P-51D 
N25628            F4U-7 

XX227,XX237,XX252,XX253,XX260,XX264,XX266,XX294,XX306,XX308 Hawks of the Red Arrows 

XV227             Nimrod MR.2P              Kinloss Wing 
ZE156/AV          Tornado F.3               229OCU 
PA474             Lancaster B.2             BoBMF 
LF363/GN-A        Hurricane IIc 
WV256/VL862       Hunter GA.11              FRADU 
87-0241/TJ r/bk   F-16C                     401TFW 
87-0247/TJ r/bk   F-16C                     401TFW 

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