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Duxford 1997(1)

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Date: 8 June 1997

Made by:


Flightlines South: 
Hurricane IIC             PZ865/J                     BoB Memorial Flight 
Lancaster B.I             PA474/WS-J                  BoB Memorial Flight 
                          'City of Lincoln'; 'Johnnie Walker' & 
                          'Still Going Strong' 
Spitfire LF.VB            AB910/ZD-C                  BoB Memorial Flight 
                          'President Roosevelt/Warner Brothers' 
AT-16 Harvard IIB         FE695/94 (G-BTXI)           The Fighter Collection 
                          43/SC (G-AZSC)              Gary Numan 
Avro Tutor I              K3215 (G-AHSA)              Shuttleworth Collection 
B-17G Flying Fortress     124485/DF-A (G-BEDF)        B-17 Preservation Ltd 
                          'Sally B/Memphis Belle' 
Beech 18-3TM              1164 (G-BKGL)               Aircraft Restoration Co 
Bf.109G-2 (Trop.)         10639/6 (G-USTV)            MoD/IWM 
Blenheim IVT              L8841/QY-C (G-BPIV)         Aircraft Restoration Co 
Bristol F.2b Fighter      D8096/D (G-AEPH)            Shuttleworth Collection 
Canberra B.2/6 (Mod)      WK163 (G-BVWC)              Classic Aviation Projects 
DH.89A Dragon Rapide      G-AIYR                      Classic Wings 
                          'Classic Lady' 
                          G-AKIF                      Classic Wings 
DHC.1 Chipmunk 22         WK586/V (G-BXCX) 
                          WB565/X (G-PVET) 
                          WP929                       Aircraft Restoration Co 
                          WP925/C (G-BXHA) 
Hunter F.58               J-4031 (G-BWFR)             Old Flying Machine Co 
Hunter F.58A              J-4105 (G-BWOU)             Old Flying Machine Co 
L-39ZO Albatros           28 02 (G-OTAF)              Old Flying Machine Co 
Meteor NF.11              WM167 (G-LOSM)              Jet Heritage 
MiG-15UTI/SBLim-2A        6247 (G-OMIG/622047)        Old Flying Machine Co 
P-47M Thunderbolt         226671/MX-X (N47DD)         The Fighter Collection 
                          'No Guts - No Glory!' 
P-51D Mustang             474008/VF-R (G-SIRR)        Intrepid Aviation Co 
                          472216/AJ-L (G-BIXL)        Robs Lamplough 
                          'Miss L' 
                          463221/G4-S (G-BTCD)        The Fighter Collection 
PBY-5A Catalina           9754/P (VP-BPS)             Plane Sailing Ltd 
Pembroke C.1              WV740 (G-BNPH)              Martin Willing 
RAF SE.5a                 F904 (G-EBIA)               Shuttleworth Collection 
Sea Hurricane IB          Z7015/7-L (G-BKTH)          Shuttleworth Collection/IWM 
Spitfire LF.IXE           ML417/2I-T (G-BJSG)         The Fighter Collection 
Spitfire T.9              ML407/OU-V (G-LFIX)         Carolyn Grace 
                          'Nicholson Leslie' 
Spitfire F.XIVE           SM832/YB-A (G-WWII)         The Fighter Collection 

Flying only: 
Hawk T.1                  XX233                       Red Arrows 
                          XX237                       Red Arrows 
                          XX292                       Red Arrows 
                          XX307                       Red Arrows 
Hawk T.1A                 XX227                       Red Arrows 
                          XX252                       Red Arrows 
                          XX253                       Red Arrows 
                          XX260                       Red Arrows 
                          XX306                       Red Arrows 
Nimrod MR.2               XZ284          S            206 Sqn/Kinloss Wing 
Tornado GR.1              ZA321/B-58     S            TTTE/S Sqn 

Additional visiting and support aircraft included: 
Bulldog T.1               XX561/7                     RAF CFS [Red Arrows support] 
C-47A Dakota              G-DAKK                      South Coast Airways 
Cessna F.172M             G-BKIJ                      V. Speck 
Dornier Do.27D            D-EJEX 
PA-18 Super Cub 95        G-BLPE                      Tony Haig-Thomas 
PA-18 Super Cub 150       G-ARAM                      Clacton Aero Club 
PA-23 Aztec 250E          G-BATN                      Marshall Aerospace 
WSK-PZL Antonov An-2T     SP-FBO 

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